Monday, 19 December 2011

Christmas crafting!

Last December, I began what was meant to become a Christmas garland.  However, due to a rotten bout of flu that put pay to any knitting let alone personal crafting for a whole 6 weeks, (thank you to the patient customers who had to wait a little longer!) I had to admit defeat and pack the beginnings of the garland in my work box, where it has remained………until now!!

Taking advantage of some peace while we’re in Cornwall for a few days, I am determined to give it another go and get it hanging before Christmas Day!

So far, I’ve completed the stockings with my girls’ names on and one, nearly two, trees…….

Still to go are two more stockings and 1 more tree!  Armed with my paper templates, saved from last years failed attempt, a whole heap of felt, buttons and, a new addition to my craft collection, some little bells.......

I’m making it my mission to get it completed, even if it isn’t hung until 11.59pm of the 24th December!!

To all those waiting for their orders, don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten you and I’m still knitting, but sometimes you’ve got to give your hands a break ;o) 

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