Sunday, 22 January 2012

1943 Needlewoman and Needlecraft jumper

This evening, I’ve spent a happy couple of hours sewing up my most recent order while half watching “Call the Midwife”, which I’m really enjoying watching, and then “Birdsong” which I’m not too sure about yet.  I have to confess that a copy of the book has been on my bookshelf for over a year now - I'm sure I will get to read it - one day!  However, back to the knitting.

Knitted from an original 1943 Needlewoman and Needlecraft magazine, I think the colours on the original pattern are just fantastic!

I knitted it in Stylecraft DK using khaki for the main and meadow for the sleeves and yoke.  Being DK, the detail on the lace work isn’t as fine as if it had been done in 4 ply, which is a bit of a shame, but being DK, it’s nice and warm and the fact that it’s 100% acrylic means that there won’t be the itchiness you (well, me anyway) can get from wool.  Also, being a thicker wool means that it’s less see through :o)

I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out.  I have knitted it before using copper and walnut, see it here, but I made a mistake on the copper one when I got the rib the wrong way out - oops! 

I’m about to make a start on two more jumpers.  First up is this one from a Stitchcraft magazine from 1943.

I wonder what she's looking at......

Knitted before in Stylecraft 4 ply melon, you can see it here, this time I'm using little 25g balls of pink merino wool that the customer has sent me.  They are exquisitely soft and I think they’re going to make and very pretty jumper.  On the super duper plus side, they fit into my pink bakelite wool holder so it can have its first outing (with me anyway).

Second is this jumper, again, taken from a 1943 Stitchcraft magazine. 

It's being knitted in this navy and plum wool (although the plum looks far more like pink in my rubbish photograph which was taken with a flash.  I promise it’s a much darker colour than it looks)

It’s another one that I’ve knitted it before in grey and grape (see it here) and once completed, it will be heading to Australia! 

As well as the aforementioned, I also have a bin liner (how glamorous!!) full of jumper pieces that I need to get round to sewing up.  I’ll let you know how I get on :o)!  


  1. I love that jumper.... looking forward to seeing the others finished. I enjoyed Call The Midwife but still unsure about Birdsong..... my favourite book! :)

  2. fabulous jumper! must learn to knit as I've got 3 50s knitting pattern books I rescued from a skip full of amazing patterns x

  3. Lovely jubbly- I have the first pattern on my to knit list..... and what about the mannequins hair! She is just perfection- makes me sick!!!
    Tupney x

  4. Your jumper looks gorgeous and I love those shades of green. I watched those programmes last night too, whilst knitting. Its great how Sunday night tv has picked up.

    P.S. I'm envious of that cute wool holder. Pretty, but practical!

  5. I like the quality of wool and it's warmth. (It can get so cold here in the Midwest.) But it's not very practical. Acrylic blends would be my choice too.

    I cannot wait to see Birdsong. My sister and I are just seeing Downton Abbey season #2. So exciting!

  6. I can't work out how to reply to you individually, if anyone knows, please let me know :o) Thank you for all your comments and for taking the time to read my blog! x

  7. Hello, I found you quite by accident via Pinterest, and now you're in my Favourite-Blog list. How lucky are the ladies who will receive your gorgeous jumpers!

  8. Wow! What gorgeous vintage knits x Hurray! Thank you for joining the Monthly Make for 2012. I am really looking forward to seeing what you make! I am going to try very hard this year and really hope that we can support one another! If you do a post about your make then please pop by and leave me a comment so that I can come over and see it! Love Annie x ♥♥♥

  9. Love the first sweater's optical illusion and THE MODEL'S HAIR! It's great! Thanks for sharing.

  10. That jumper is gorgeous ... I really love the colours you have used. If I wanted you to knit me one how much would the wool cost or what wool/how much would I need to supply? M x

  11. I've just looked at your Facebook page and oh my god you have made some amazing things! I really want to be as good as you someday! The latest thing you have knitted looks gorgeous. I'm new to your blog and loving it, definitely following! XxxX

  12. Hi Lucy, it has been a while since I saw this lovely pattern on your blog. Is it possible to buy a digital copy of it from you? I really love this pattern so much and I want to knit it in the original colours. It is about the suspender jumper you have already knitted in different colours. I looked for it on the internet but it is looking for a needle in a haystack! So I do hope you can help me with this.
    Thanks and love, GonnieMarie