Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Pretty, vintage and green!

I had planned to show you the lovely vintage bits that I received for Christmas and my December birthday before we headed into 2012 but the last week of the holidays has just flown past so I’m more than a little late – my apologies :o)

My favourite colour is green, (not the neon shade that I wore as an 80’s child), the 1930’s shade of green that is found on enamel kitchen wear.  That is why I was more than a little happy to receive this lovely item…...

Of course it won’t be used for its original purpose.  Relegating it the kitchen would be awful so it’s currently on the top of my bookcase full of wool!!  I actually knew this was on it’s way having been with my parents when they bought it at the Deben Events vintage fair on Ipswich Waterfront.  On Christmas Day, it was presented to me wrapped in a beautiful golden ribbon and contained not only this lovely green bakelite pot……..

Think I may have photographed this upside down......oops!!

but this much hoped for bakelite wool holder………

They also didn’t disappoint on my birthday and had managed to track down this red bakelite wool holder……

Now for some smaller vintage bits.

My husband is very good at finding the brooches that I collect and this year was no exception.  My favourite is the one in the final picture – it makes me think of Victory!! 

In relation to the history of these brooches, my 87 year old neighbour was kind enough to take one of my brooches to her pensioners lunch group and the consensus there was that they were made by the Italian Prisoners of War held in Britain during WW2.  Whether it’s true or not, I don’t know but it’s a very lovely idea.

With Christmas over and the decorations down (I’ll no doubt still be finding pine needles in August!!) normal routine begins again tomorrow and this means mornings spent home schooling my girls and evenings spent knitting!  I have lots more orders to complete over the coming months as well as lots of knitting patterns that I want to share with you :o)


  1. Wow, you had some lovely things, all of which I would covet myself. The brooches are really pretty - what a lovely thing to collect. M x

  2. Blimey you have a lot of those brooches!
    I only have 4! I'm not sure of the origin either- IT POWs are possible as my grannie said the ones near her use to do lovely baskets and the like.... but who knows? I also have a mag from '47 with the idea shown as the 'new' accessories? Someone must know!!!
    Happy New Year.
    Tupney x

  3. My friend had that bread bin in her house whilst I was growing up and I always envied it! Lovely blog!

  4. What great gifts, my family also did well on the vintage present giving front this year. The breadbin will be a perfect home for wool. I'm not really familiar with those kinds of brooches - are they made of a plasticised wire? They're rather fab.