Monday, 27 February 2012

Our week in the west.

My other half was born and bred in Cornwall and our half term was spent back home with his family, in a small village just outside Perranporth.  Perranporth is known for it’s golden sands but it was far too cold this time to venture onto the sand – maybe in the summer!  We left Suffolk after a 4 inch covering of snow and didn’t travel in ideal conditions.  While driving through Cambridgeshire, the car recorded a temperature of -10 – pretty cold don’t you think?! 

We had a busy week, spending Valentines Day in St Mawes, a beautiful little town on the south coast of Cornwall.   I’d never been before but will certainly be heading back.  It’s picturesque and SO much quieter out of season; parking is at a premium if you visit in the summer.  From St Mawes, you can look across the river Fal to Pendennis Castle, which is well worth a visit.

I was surprised that these hadn't been removed and sold off as collectibles, but the old petrol station had 3 of these old pumps out front.  I love that enamel sign!

This cost of Cornwall isn't as sandy as the north coast so the girls had a lovely time collecting brightly coloured sea snail shells and watching the fishing boats.  This is my oldest, just turned 6, who, unlike her free spirited sister, was willing to sit still long enough for me a get a shot of her!!

Just after this was taken, her smile was replaced with tears after she went walking with her Dad on slippery rocks and fell flat on her face.  Previously wobbly baby tooth was made significantly wobblier!  It fell out two days later :o)

From St Mawes, you can see St Anthony head lighthouse.  Seriously narrow lanes, which resulted in much covering of ones eyes (I obviously wasn't the driver), but well worth the trip because, hidden on the cliff face, there is a WW2 battery, gun store and observation post – I was in my element. 

The week went so quickly, and we had many lovely days, but the best, for me, by far, was our trip to Penzance!!  We always make time to visit Penzance because it has some brilliant shops which normally yield a vintage find or 2!  Some which are well worth the visit.

Steckfensters - has a varied collection of items from railway signs to old baskets, vintage clothing to push bikes - go and have a rummage :o)

Kitts Corner - a small vintage clothing shop full to the rafters

On the main street, near the railway station (my husbands favourite place), you'll find “We Have What You Need” which is a great vintage clothing shop, some lovely bits from the 1940’s but at £75 for a trilby, it’s a bit on the pricey side.  I also found Buttons & Bows, a snug haberdashery tucked away on one of the side streets.

As with all Cornish towns, if you're peckish for a pasty, there are plenty to chose from but for the fussy, pasty hating (much to my other half's horror), me, there is always the Cornish Hen Delicatessen.  It gets my vote for the exterior colour alone!

The week went all too quickly and we soon found ourselves back on the M5 but we returned from Cornwall with these vintage patterns, just 50p each from one of the charity shops.

Looking good there Mr Bond!! :o)

And this brooch, a valentines gift from my other half! 

Lamb or deer??  What do you think?

Am already looking forward to returning in July to see what else I can find :o)


  1. Ooh I love the looks of that deli, too. Looks like a lovely adventure! Great find on the vintage knitting books. I vote perhaps a deer on the brooch. Either way, it's adorable!

  2. I love Cornwall- I have very fond memories of Mum and Dad taking us to see Pendennis and St. Mawes! I think there are photos of us on the cannons ;)
    As to your finds- lucky you!
    I think the brooch is a lamb. But that might be because it is springlike here ;)

  3. I love those patterns and the brooch! Cornwall is gorgeous, looks like you had a lovely time and such gorgeous photos! XxxX