Monday, 5 March 2012


Well hasn’t the weather changed?  This time last week we were basking in the sunshine, my girlie's donning their skirts and t-shirts, this week, it’s all about vests and jumpers!  We’re having a home day today, snuggled up in the warm, away from the rain and blustery weather.  It’s the perfect day to take a look at some of my 1940’s Hollywood sewing patterns, guaranteed to put a smile on my face :o)

Hollywood patterns went into production in 1932, the creation of Conte Nast.  The patterns became popular due to photographs of radio and film stars gracing the covers.  They continued to be manufactured throughout WW2, a red star in the left corner of the cover denotes a wartime issue.   They had a relatively short run with manufacture ceasing in 1947.  The short run, coupled with the link to film stars, means these patterns are considered, by some, to be highly collectible - I just bought them because I love them :o)

From a “star” point of view, my collection includes Shirley Patterson, Ann Sheridan, Maureen O’Hara, June Havoc, Olympe Bradna, Lola Lane, Sharon Douglas and Franciska Gaal.  Do these ring any bells with you?  I confess that the only one I’d ever heard of was Lola Lane
– note to self – must watch more 1940’s films!! :o)

In total, I have 16, all bought from America and, more importantly, all complete.  Some are in pretty delicate condition with seriously tatty covers but I love them all the same.  My favourites are the two wartime ones.

I found a lot of my information about Hollywood patterns on this website.  If sewing patterns are you thing, then this site is worth a look. 

Some of the patterns I have are for a trim 30” bust!  Hmm, not in my house, I think those patterns will remain in my collection to be admired only!  However, I do want to give one of the patterns a go so I’ve lined up this one as my first to tackle.

I hope to use this fabric that I bought from America a couple of years ago.

I bought it from America a couple of years ago (and was stung for import tax!!!!!).  It’s a reproduction of a 1930’s print.  The design is really small and neat which makes it a lot easier for fabric matching.  When (if) the dress is done, I’ll be certain to show you!! 

Hope you’re all staying warm wherever you are :o)


  1. That pattern will look lovely in that fabric, can't wait to see the end result!

  2. Oooh I lo\ve those patterns, Lucy. I own a few vintage patterns but I've never made one (yet!) I'll look forward to seeing how yours turns out.
    Finally found a '40s wire brooch a couple of weekends ago, one for the expanding collection!
    Hen x

  3. Love the pattern you have chosen to make- very lovely indeed (early 40's).... most of these lovelies date from around 39 to 1945- what treasures... Tupney xxx

  4. Ooh, that looks like a perfect pairing of fabric and pattern! I love Hollywood patterns, I have at least 2 myself though I've yet to sew them up. :)

  5. Wow those patterns are amazing, I love them all! I'm definitely going to try and find some now! Look forward to seeing what you make out of it! XxxX