Sunday, 25 March 2012

Little Vintage Lover - Blakeney

Last Sunday, Mother’s Day, we headed to the Little Vintage Lover fair in Blakeney, our first event of 2012. 

We weren’t really very well prepared; things had conspired against us the previous week, but, never ones to give up, we packed the van the day before and set the alarm for 5am – getting out of my nice warm bed was a real struggle!  Heading off in the dark (I was pleased it was dark because it meant the neighbours couldn’t see my bonce full of heated rollers, painstakingly put in at 5.05am!) and rain, I tried to catch 40 winks while Mr Y did the driving :o)  We managed to arrive on time but Mum and Dad (with the stock!!) got lost on the way, something which isn’t actually uncommon – sorry Mum if you read this!! :o) 

Set up was more than a little flustered.  We were up on the stage area and almost everyone else was set up – so embarrassing!  However, we managed to keep calm and carry on and the stall was set up by 9.30am.  What do you think?? 

The weather wasn’t kind to us to begin with.  Despite our best little sun dance on the Saturday, none appeared until lunch time, and even then it was still darn chilly!!  However, poor weather, getting lost and the pants week put aside, we actually had a good time.  The other stallholders are lovely and it was great to catch up with those that we hadn’t seen since last year.  It was also good to see some of our regular customers – which is always nice!  The turn out was good and some people had really dressed to impress. 

Looking at the stock of the brilliant Dead Mens Spex :o)

We sold one of my all time favourite dresses.  Not strictly my preferred era, it was a 1950’s cotton dress and I LOVED IT!!  We bought it in perfect condition, complete with original buttons.  It’s beautifully made and the colours are so bright and lovely.  The new owner looked fabulous in it and although I took a picture of the lovely lady wearing it, I promised that she wouldn’t be identified so, true to my word, here’s the picture, minus the head! 

New owner, if you are reading this and are happy to have the full shot used, just let me know :o)

These 3 jumpers found new homes.

I was very restrained and only came away with these 2 1940's patterns.

Mr Y and the little Y’s had gone to off to Hunstanton Sea Life Centre for the day!  Knowing we wouldn’t’ be together for Mother’s Day, we’d celebrated the day before and I was presented with 2 lovely handmade cards and these 2 beautiful 1940’s brooches to add to my ever growing collection. 


Some exciting news in the pipe line!  After meeting a very nice lady at the fair, I received a VERY exciting email about my corsages!  I won’t jinx it by letting the cat out of the bag just yet but fingers crossed all goes to plan so I can share it with you :o)


  1. Looks like a great day. I love that dress & the new owner looks lovely in it. Fingers crossed about the corsages.... look forward to hearing the good news :)

  2. Congratulations on your first event! Looks like you had a great time, I love the knitting patterns you got and the jumpers sold have gone to very lucky homes! XxxX