Sunday, 11 March 2012

Pretty in pink!

Don’t you just love spring?  The weather has been lovely today and we’ve had lots of sunshine here in Suffolk,  such a change from last weekend!  I hope you’ve been enjoying good weather wherever you are.

Today is all about my newest finished jumper, previously blogged about here.  A commission from a lady I met at the Ramsey 1940’s event last year.  It’s finally finished and she’s been very patient!!!

Wool was provided by the customer, a soft merino which was lovely to work with but it was unbranded so I can’t track down the manufacturer!!

Here's a close-up of the design.

The pattern repeat spreads across 12 rows.  It's not as hard as it sounds but you have to follow the pattern the entire time - no watching TV and knitting for me on this one! 

I’ve used this pattern before, here, following it exactly and I made a few adjustments this time round.  The original called for an 18” placket to be knitted separately and then stitched on to the front, but I didn’t like the finish and so incorporated the additional stitches when I knitted the fronts.  I also knitted the collar separately because then there’s no worry about making sure I’ve picked up evenly around the neckline which is harder than it might sound.

I found these beautiful buttons on eBay. 

I adore these original 1930’s buttons from France.  They’re small, about the size of a 5 pence piece, and have an etched design round the edge.  Tricky little blighters to photograph and I’m not able to get a really good shot, sorry.  When they arrived, I was over the moon but was then faced with the issue any vintage lover has – such lovelies deserve to be preserved on their card and admired, not used!  Perfect solution??  Buy a second set!  One to be used, one to be admired!! 

The set on the right arrived with 2 chipped ones and a cracked one which I was miffed about but it did make cutting them off less of a wrench! 

Following are lots of photographs of the jumper - sorry, I got a bit snap happy!!

All pressed and ready to start

I use safety pins to join the two pieces exactly before I take out the needle and thread.

All done!

This jumper isn’t going anywhere just yet because I have another to knit for the same customer but things have halted on that front for the minute because a shoulder injury means no knitting for a week – eek, I don’t know what I’ll do!!! 

Some of this week will be spent sorting things out for our first event of 2012.  It’s organised by Little Vintage Lover and is in Blakeney, North Norfolk– we’re hoping for some more sunshine!


  1. Oooh... Me likey! That is so pretty! I love the colour, and the pattern looks like fun!

  2. so pretty! what a nice work,
    I want it!

  3. Wow that looks lovely! I adore the buttons, such a good solution you found! You've done se well, its perfect for spring! XxxX

  4. Me likey too!! Gorgeous colour. Wish I could find patterns like that but in larger sizes.