Monday, 2 April 2012

It's all about the flowers!

Well what lovely weather we’ve been having.  I love spring and the flowers it brings, especially daffodils.  A vase brightens up any room and, as odd as it might sound, they make me smile! 

I also have a thing for hyacinths and have found a new, temporary, use for my Cath Kidston mugs.

The sun is shinning and the little Y’s are currently playing outside on their new swing set, courtesy of grandparents.  Mr Y has finished work for the next 2 weeks but is back in school this morning doing some revision, so with the house at peace, I have a time for a waffle!

Home schooling the little Y’s is wonderful.  They’re a funny little pair, chalk and cheese, and I’m blessed that I get to have so much time with them but it’s full time and it means that craft time is limited.  However, with Mr Y being a teacher, holiday’s I can step away from the teaching and crack on with the crafting! 

My blog space is a happy one; it’s an outlet for my waffling because Mr Y can only take so much!!  However, life sometimes gets you down and over the past 2 weeks, my time has been required elsewhere and fun things like knitting and all that jazz have ceased.  However, a new month, bright blue skies and spring flowers, it’s time to look forward, not back, and there is crafting to be done!!!!

I picked up my needles again yesterday for the first time in 16 days!  I also got the chance to have a go at a new corsage.  This time it’s a rose, taken from this original 1941 pattern. 

I finished my version of it yesterday, what do you think??

It’s not too big, just less than 4” long, and it looks lovely on a lapel.  I hope to make some more for the next event we’re doing this Saturday in Woodbridge, Suffolk.

We’ve been to Deben events before as buyers, but this will be the first time we’ve hired a stall – exciting stuff!!  Hoping for bright skies, but as it’s the Easter weekend, who knows what weather will come our way!! 

If you haven’t entered, the competition we’re doing for the 200+ followers on Facebook is still open.  Check out my post about it here.

I’m now off out into the garden to make a start on sewing up a jumper – or maybe I’ll just have a look at the new knitting booklet the postie has just delivered! ;o)

Viyella Family Knitting Book of Utility Garments!!  :o)


  1. Wow that corsage looks amazing! Could you possibly do a tutorial? I love the look of that knitting book and those flowers look absolutely beautiful! XxxX

  2. It came out really well :)
    I understand totally about homeschooling- I homeschool too- it really does take up crafting time! I *have* found, however, that knitting is actually one of those things I can do without the kids playing around so easily ;)

  3. Love the corsage!

    I am trying to build up a retro type wardrobe but am really scared to take the plunge with clothes - collecting a couple of accessories at the moment.

    A tutorial would be lovely.

  4. Your corsage is lovely and I second the tutorial idea!

  5. Lovely corsage, great idea as the real ones get sad so fast.The real flowers look lovely too, I can almost smell the hyacinth!