Saturday, 9 June 2012

All dressed up and nowhere to go!

Do you remember this dress pattern from my previous post?

Well, the design gained instant approval from youngest daughter, M.  The brief was very simple, she wanted green, any shade, any pattern but green.  We don't have a local fabric shop so took a trip to Felixstowe where they have a shop called Fabric8.  It's a crafters heaven.  Lots of beautiful material for quilting, upholstery and costume as well as wool, patterns, ribbons - the list goes on. 

Little M is an adventurous 4 year old so fabric wise needed something durable that would stand the test, easier said than done, and out of a suitable choice of just 2, this is the fabric that was chosen.

I'll make a confession.  I didn't actually do any of the dressmaking!!

I've made dresses before but only straight off the pattern.  This one needed to have some adjustments made so was outside of my comfort zone.  Therefore I passed the job, kit and caboodle, onto my rather nifty mum who's a brilliant dress maker, so good in fact that she actually made my wedding dress.

The "Style" pattern used proved quite simple (according to Mum anyway) but it has turned out a little larger than the measurements given in the pattern.  Not such an issue because it means it will last the little lady for a good while.   I love the very 1940's puffed sleeves and  think the addition of the belt (the only way round the lack of smocking) works really well.  If I do say so myself, because I'm obviously biased, I think she looks pretty cute.  Being cotton, it'll be nice and cool, should the sunshine ever decide to arrive! 


Her new love, a wooden replica of a Thompson machine gun that my Dad made for her.  She takes great pleasure in aiming it at any passing magpies since once stole a sock of hers from the garden last summer - children have amazingly good memories!!

As to the no where to go, well, this weekend we were meant to be having our stand at the War on the Line event held at the Mid Hants Railway.  Anyone in Britain will know that the weather has been changeable of late and in Suffolk alone, Friday saw gale force winds force organisers to close the local show, something I've never known. 

However, with the weather forecast promising better weather, we decided to drive the 150 miles to Mid Hants only to find that the field we were meant to pitch our large tent in was;

a) full of fresh cow pats!!! (I can laugh about it now but on Friday I was more than a little cheesed off!)  and
b) was totally exposed with wind gusting across at a rate far too strong to pitch the tent safely.  

There were 4 of us trying to put the tent up, literally hanging onto it, but after struggling for an hour, we had to face facts that it just wouldn't have been safe.  Even if we had managed to get it up, there was no guarantee that we wouldn't have ended up tentless at 2am and the safety of the little Y's was priority.  It is the first time in 5 years of trading that we've given up, and we hate to let anyone down.  I have to admit that plenty of tears ensued (all me, the numpty that I am) when admitting defeat and facing another 150 mile journey home.  4 weary travellers arrived home safely at 12.30am.

Next event for us is in 5 weeks time so here's hoping that this damn weather sorts it's self out and delivers us a summer or at least a weekend without a gale!


  1. Your little one looks totally adorable in her dress- and amazingly she chose a VERY vintage looking fabric too ;) (I am sure she had help here, I always have to help mine too LOL).
    Sorry about your trip- how disappointing for you! I admit, I probably would have shed a few tears of disappointment too.

  2. What a pretty dress, I love the fabric :) The weather has been very odd, I was planning on selling at a big Jubilee fete on Tuesday.... thankfully I decided not to as it rained all day & the sellers had to be squeezed in to a tiny space. I would not have been happy as it wasn't cheap! Fingers crossed summer will arrive in 5 weeks :)

  3. Very pretty dress......would your mum make another for our special little girl.......? It is so beautiful and lovely green with daisies!
    Its a pity you couldn't do the event you wanted to do - I do hope this weather improves for the next one - I expect it will be in the nineties at Christmas!!
    Julie xxxxx

  4. Aw - what a shame about the weather! The dress is lovely, very pretty!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger