Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Jolly Jubilee

Well, the Jubilee weekend here in England has been and gone.  Are you a fan of HRH?  Did you celebrate? 

I'm a Royalist and proud :o)  Not everyone's cup of tea I know but I'm a great fan of our monarchy and am fascinated with it's history, the little Y's and me have been flag spotting while on our travels - lots of people seem to have embraced the celebrations.

Our 4 days were busy. 

Saturday involved a trip to the coast, a picnic on the beach and returning washed up starfish to the sea.

Sunday saw us take off to York, a 420 mile round trip, to visit the National Rail Museum where it rained, rained, rained!!  Mr Y is an avid rail fan so this was right up his street.

Specially painted for the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight!!  This one I did like!

Monday was a day of chores and shopping (I hate shopping).  A trip to town secured 2 new camp beds for the littlest Y's.  Very sturdy affairs, far better than the one I used to sleep on at my Nan's during the 1980's.  I had one of the camp beds that if you sat on one end it would tip up and you'd end up on the floor, if you sat on the other end, it would collapse with you inside it!  Anyone else remember them?? 

We also got in some red, white and blue with paper chains made by the little Y's, corsage making and teacake eating.

Tuesday we had friends and family for a BBQ.  In true British bank holiday tradition it rained but oldest daughter, 6, wasn't to be put off and told guests that "we can all be British and stay outside" so that is exactly what we did.  Well, until dessert because no one fancied eating Eton Mess cheesecake in the rain!  No pictures of the desserts, they vanished all too quickly, but there was bunting aplenty in the garden and littlest Y was very proud of her windmill.

We had a good weekend and I'm glad that we marked a once in a life time occasion.

IF you celebrated, I hope you had fun xx


  1. I'm a royalist :) I have always enjoyed having a royal family!
    And you KNOW I remember those camp beds (since I mentioned it before). My sister and I had to balance very carefully at either end LOL

  2. haha... I remember those beds! Looks like a great weekend even though it rained :)

  3. I remember the beds too!
    What a jolly jubilee you had, I love the windmill too!

  4. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend! I adore the paper chains and corsage, so cute. I hope you enjoyed the tea cakes! XxxX

  5. Hi,
    Glad you didn't let "the old british weather" dampen your spirits!
    I remember those beds also! hehex
    Have a happy weekend!
    I am your newest follower!
    Maria x