Sunday, 24 June 2012

Sutton Hoo

Sorry for my blogging absence - no excuse, I've simply not had anything to blog about! :o) 

I've been busy, incredibly busy in fact, but I don't really feel I've achieved a great deal.  Lots of little things to finish off on various projects and I really need to make time to do them - never enough hours in the day and all that.

Taking me away from more crafting time was a trip we took today to Sutton Hoo.  If you've never heard about this National Trust property before, it's an Anglo-Saxon burial ground, the most important burial found on the site was that of Raedwald and was excavated in 1939.  10 years ago, the exhibition hall opened and the event this weekend marked a decade of it being open to the public. 

The event had both Anglo Saxon and WW2 re-enactors.  An odd mix, you might think, but the Anglo Saxon's were there for obvious reasons and the WW2 element was to represent the use of the site as a military vehicle training site during WW2!  

I must confess, Anglo Saxons aren't really my thing.  I get why the site is important, historically, but it's a time that doesn't interest me.  Having said that, the people portraying this period in time were engaging and very friendly, especially to the little Y's who had a wonderful time and learnt some new things.

More my cup of tea was the WW2 element.  There was meant to be a "make do and mend" display in the house, but it wasn't much cop.  So much so in fact that there wasn't even anything worthy of a photograph :o( 

There were no 1940's "civilians" (not that I expected any) but there was an American camp (which I totally forgot to photograph!) some Land Girls, a lone member of the WVS and the 10th Regiment Suffolk Home Guard. 

The Home Guard interacted with members of the public brilliantly (I am a little biased to be fair!) and they encouraged participation offering broom handles for rifles.  The "physical jerks" (program listing, not my words) were entertaining as the Home Guard took off their blouses (uniform jackets) and got jumping.  Even Raedwald got in on the action, although the press ups were beyond him :o) 

Littlest Y got to fire blanks using a Lee Enfield 303 rifle and the icing on the cake, for her, she got to take the empty casings home.  She has reliably informed me that these make perfect skittles if you use a marble!

As to purchases, I made just the one, this little booklet.  A gem in itself but an added bonus were the 3 tickets inside for the National Fire Service end of course social and dance which was held on January 26th 1944.

The cover makes it clear as to what is inside and I was quite taken with it.  How it survived WW2 though I don't know because, with conundrums like this........

"In our village live Mr. Carpenter, Mr Builder, Mr Joiner and Mr Plumber.  Strange to relate, these four men are by profession, carpenter, builder, joiner and plumber, although none is engaged in the same trade as his name.  The Plumber's son is engaged to Mr. Builder's only child, and the carpenter whose son plays ludo, plays golf with Mr. Plumber.  What is Mr. Joiner by trade"???  ( have you worked it out??)

.......I know for a fact that, had I been the owner, I would have thrown it out the window in sheer frustration! :o)

Finally, when flicking through the photographs of the day, this was my favourite, my oldest on the zip wire.  She did manage to hold on, although how, I'm not quite sure! :o)

Hope you've all had a good weekend.


  1. Looks like a great day out :)

  2. I love logic puzzles, but I feel like that one has some information left out LOL

    Still, it looks like you had fun!
    Did you get to look at my jumper knitted from a 1941 pattern (US pattern that is)? I finally finished it the other week LOL

    1. Hi Rachel, I know what's missing - the answer :o)

      Re the jumper, I did take a look and very much liked the idea of the stretchy casting off at the neck - will be giving it a go. I did leave a comment :o)

    2. The answer would be very helpful LOL
      As for the comment- I must have messed with my settings again... because I see a BUNCH of comments I haven't answered :o That'll teach me ;)
      The stretchy bind off is really nice- I am going to share it with my mum too...

  3. Gah, my head hurts after that puzzle and I'm still none the wiser!

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