Friday, 13 July 2012

Festival of the Forties - cancelled

Well, as I mentioned in my previous post, this weekend we were meant to be at the Festival of the Forties. 

Anyone living in Blighty can't have escaped the fact that it has been somewhat soggy under foot.  A duck's paradise but not mine!!!  This rotten weather has put a dampener (no pun intended!) on many events, countrywide.

We have been lucky and, as far as 1940's events go, have escaped relatively unscathed; until today.  

Having kept a keen eye on the weather forecast, hoping that, by some miracle, it might be wrong (well it happens doesn't it?) and keeping everything crossed, we packed the van this morning and headed to Peterborough for the Festival of the Forties only to find out that it, too, had fallen foul of the weather and had been cancelled :o( 

A council health and safety executive had inspected the site and taken the decision that the event could not take place.  Given the enormous puddles and state of the site, we understood why.  If we had camped, I fear our beds may have sunk deep into the ground or, worse still, we may woken up in a puddle! :o)  Mr Y hates camping at the best of times, waking up sinking into the mud would have been the end of his days under canvas!

The event looked like it was going to be wonderful.  It had been 18 months in the planning and promised so much.  The organisers seemed to have thought of everything and we were looking forward to attending, as we know so many others were.  Biggest disappointment?  Not going to Big Band dance.

As saddened as we are, we're know that it is nothing compared to the bitter disappointment that the organisers must be feeling and the financial losses that they will have incurred.  They were a brilliant team and the organiser cannot be faulted.  They did everything they could to keep the event going, the damn weather had other ideas!  We very much hope that they will try again next year; we'll definitely be there if they do.

Here's hoping that summer actually makes an appearance, there can't be much more rain up there, can there?!  Ramsey 1940's event is the next one, 5 weeks today.  Surely by August we'll get some sunshine - I hope so.

On a positive note, what to do with a free weekend?  Well, Mr Y can be seen running for the hills because, you see, I am currently flicking through the paint chart wondering where to begin :o)  Oh, and enjoying a rather large slice of cake! 


  1. Don't want to make you jealous, but here in Canada we are having a seriously hot summer....90s everyday, sometimes with a humidX pushing into the 100s. Too bloody hot IMO.

    1. The weather has just been crazy - wish you could send some of that sunshine over here. Hope you're managing to stay cool :o) x

  2. hi from Switzerland,
    do you know how fortuned you are having such events? Nothing around like this in Switzerland...but !! we also have bad weather, its raining cats and dogs...
    Have a great weekend, I will knit and read...and prepare good food....
    ciao ciao Christa

    1. Hello Christa,
      Sorry to hear you're having bad weather too. Knitting, reading and eating sounds like a perfect weekend - enjoy it :o)

  3. It's such a shame :( I was suppose to be going to a 1940's event last Saturday but it was so wet I didn't bother! I'm righting this summer off!!! x

    1. Hello,
      I just can't believe how much it's rained. I know we're so lucky compared to some people. Think you might have the right idea - summer is cancelled :o) x

  4. Like Josie-Mary I was going to go to 1940's weekend last weekend - we were going to go to Buckfastleigh then decided against it because of the WEATHER.
    Someone somewhere mentions hospipe ban and what happens?!
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

    1. Hi Julie,
      Mr Y said the same last night. One mention of a hosepipe ban and it starts to rain! :o)
      Lucy xx