Friday, 6 July 2012

Pass the Jubilee parcel :o)

A few months ago, I signed up to the Jubilee swap which had been organised by Lakota over at Faith, Hope and Charity shoppingI was paired with the very talented Nicole whose blog is Nicole Needles - this lady can really sew and has an amazing collection of vintage patterns!

I have a mountain of paperwork surrounding me this morning and so was very happy to be distracted from the laborious task by the arrival of these parcels in the post.

The paper is brilliant, something I've never seen before and the little Y's have made great use of it.  The carpet is currently covered with a rainbow of stamps as they play postie :o)  Inside the parcels was this collection of goodies :o)

The brooch didn't make it into the shot - sorry :o)
Some lovely patterns, always a winner as far as I'm concerned and you can never have too many.  A pin cushion beautifully made by Nicole.  This was a perfect gift because, as daft as it might sound, I don't have one and was only considering the other day how to go about making one - you've saved me a job - thank you!  The trivia quiz will be tested on Mr Y when he gets home from London tonight.  I wonder if I can make him play for dinner - if he gets them right I cook, if he gets them wrong he buys the takeaway??!!  The tape measure brooch, cleverly made by Nicole, is so novel and very well made, it's already had an outing :o)

The knitted purse is actually my favourite.  Beautifully knitted, and neatly lined, such a pretty design and colour wise, totally up my street - I adore it!  The chocolate coin which had been thoughtfully slipped into the purse made it into the picture, just!  I know two little girls who have their beady eyes on it, we'll see how long it lasts.

I am over the moon with what Nicole chose, thank you SO much! :o) 

I know Nicole has received, and blogged about, the parcel I sent her so I am safe to show you what I picked.  Nicole's blog is lovely.  I had a good old nosey around it to help me chose some things for her and this is what I ended up sending.

A 1950's knitting pattern, a Needlewoman and Needlecraft magazine from 1952, 2 vintage sewing patterns, a handmade felt corsage, a beret I knitted from a 1950's pattern (that I love so much I shall be knitting one for me!) and a packet of jubilee coloured sweets (which may have tasted disgusting!).  Nicole has already had a chance to use the beret and looks very lovely in it - you can check out her post here.

I've never done a swap before.  It was great fun and Nicole was an excellent swap partner - thank you Nicole :o)


  1. Oh it looks like you both had wonderful partners :) What a fun parcel!

  2. Oh what a lovely parcel - that is my sort of parcel as I collect and use those little magazines.
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  3. My pleasure! And the sweets were great...

  4. You both did a great job - I thought you'd make good partners. I love the beret and corsage you made Lucy, and I'm a big fan of Nicole's tape measure brooches. The purse is fab too. So glad you enjoyed the swap, thanks for taking part and linking up xx

  5. What lovely goodies! I love the beret..... can we see more of it? x

    1. Hello,
      Re the beret, certainly, although I'll need to make another one, just need to decide on a colour. I knew I should have taken better photographs of it :o)
      Best wishes

  6. Just discovered your blog and wanted to say that I'm really enjoying it! x


    1. Hi Gemma,
      Thank you for being my newest follower :o)
      Lucy x

  7. Hello! Your blog is utterly charming and really interesting, I've already loved what I read so far! The parcel you received is gorgeous as is the one you sent! I really like Lakota's swaps, they always yield interesting finds that seem so well suited to the recipient! The beret is gorgeous particularly! Sorry to hear about your Peterborough disappointment, I bet that would have been really fun, particularly the big band! There's just something so brilliant about dancing swing dance to a live band isn't there!