Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Turn Back Time - 1940

Have you been watching the Turn Back Time series which is currently running on BBC1?  If you have, do you like it?  If you haven't, you can see it here on BBC iPlayer. 

The series features 3 families who get to experience what life was like for their actual ancestors, from the 1900s through to the 1970s.  There are 3 houses which have been decorated to reflect the living conditions of the working, middle and upper classes. 

Episode 3 featured my favourite era, the 1940s.  They briefly touched on air raids, evacuation, being called up for service, rationing and the black market.  There was so much more that I would have liked to have seen but, within the time limits of just 1 hour, I accept that they were limited as to what they could show.  Photographs of the series are scarce on the Internet, but I did find this one of the Meadows family.

Image taken from BBC website.
I don't know much about the era's featured in episodes 1 and 2 but the decor in this most recent episode was spot on, so many beautiful things, I wanted them all! :o)  Poor Mr Y was subjected to the shouts of "I've got one of those" or "Mum still uses her one of those" as I sat watching it last night.  The kitchen in the Taylor's house was AMAZING!  Vintage and green - what more could you want??  The sink, the cupboards, the enamel, I could go on but I shan't bore you.  

On the downside, the clothing, in a large part, I found disappointing.  Now, don't get me wrong, I didn't expect that they would all be wearing actual clothing of the period, I believe in preservation and all that, but I thought they could have done a far better job.  Take the "spiv" for example in his 1950's trilby!! 

Also a let down were the hairstyles the women had.  I didn't expect perfectly styled rolls because that's not realistic.  If you could see me as I'm typing you would question as to whether I've actually brushed my hair today - birds nest to say the least - but I would have liked to have seen some curls.  Minimal effort seems to have been made and in my book, if you're living the era, that should encompass everything.  As for Mrs Meadows portraying a member of the ARP with her long hair rather than having it properly put up - don't even get me started!!  I shall get off my soap box now :o)
 At the end of the episode, they celebrate VE day with the family members having a bit of a dance. I was half watching it, half knitting when I saw what looked distinctly like one of our jumpers.  Calling Mr Y to come and take a look, I sat perched on the edge of the sofa hoping it would make another appearance.  It did, although very fleetingly, and I was in no doubt that it was mine.  It was unmistakable because I remember having great trouble with the collar that simply wouldn't lie flat and the colour, emerald green by Stylecraft, was incredibly bright, distinctive in fact.  

However, frustratingly, I had to wait until this morning to check it out on iplayer.  Having watched it and paused it numerous times, I can safely say that yes, it's one of ours!  It's shown at about 54 minutes in.  The buttons on the back were the clincher.  I remember selling it last year through eBay.  I wonder where it went and how it came to be on the box!  Here it is being modelled by Doris (the dummy)!

I've been on the telly :o) !!!
Forgive me for being somewhat chuffed, safe to say I haven't stopped smiling since!  

In other news, this weekend, we're at Festival of the Forties.  This is a new event but there is so much going on and even better, it's only £1 to get in :o)  The organisers have gone the extra mile to make things easy and enjoyable for all parties concerned and I'm really looking forward to it.

I should really go and start sorting some bits out, so much to do, not least packing wet weather gear because, according to the weather forecast, we're supposed to have rain, rain and more dastardly rain.  So far this morning all I've managed is to do is card these pieces of jewellery, surprised I'm parting with them really :o)

1930's / 1940's earrings and brooches
Back soon!! x


  1. Stay on your soap box and I will join you! I haven't seen anymore after the first episode when I decided it was just cruelty to children.

    Love the way you displayed your jewellery.

    I have just done a post you may interested in......
    Julie xxxxxxx

    1. Hi Julie,
      Mr Golding in the first episode made me so mad. I know they were meant to be living the life of and Edwardian but to be so mean to his little son, not on.
      I'm pleased with how the jewellery looks. I've seen other people do it so thought "why not"!
      I'll take a look at your post :o)
      Best wishes

  2. Ooh I haven't had a chance to see this weeks episode yet,been looking forward to it from the start! Its been a great series so far.

    I really admire the attention to detail in the decor, it must have taken a lot of work to keep changing the fittings and fixings each week - Mum did spot some 50/60's tea cups in the Edwardian episode, as she has she same set, but I guess some of that stuff must be priceless and not worth the risk of it getting damaged.

    And how wonderful that one of your beautiful jumpers was on t.v. I shall definitely be keeping an eye out for it:) xx

    1. Hi Wendy,
      It's well worth a look, lots of pretty things to see this week.

      There have been some items that aren't period correct but I agree that they probably didn't want to risk damaging the real deal.

      Jumper only has a few seconds of screen time but it's so bright that you won't miss it!! :o) xx

  3. I've always wanted to meet a tv star! My kids are used to me saying things like "they so would not have had that rug then, it's obviously nylon" etc, but how exciting for you to see something of yours, and accurate, on the screen. As opposed to the make-up on the young girls - 'what the'?! as my daughters say. We can't get that show here in Aus yet, but I have been watching the Coal House series, set in the 40s, which is great. Would love to get to the Festival of the 40s, and as for the earrings - gorgeous! I am so not jealous...........

    1. Haha! Agree with the make-up WTF comment. Just awful. As for the hair pulled back into the scruffiest pony tail - argh!!!
      Coal House was a brilliant series which is repeated quite a lot over here on one of the many channels. If I see that it's on, I still watch it, no matter how many times I may have seen it!!
      Hope the show makes it over to you in the not too distant future.
      Lucy x

  4. How wonderful is that then?! I am assuming your jumper is also the one modelled by the girl on the right in the photo above :)
    I can understand why you would be chuffed :)

    1. Hi Rachel,
      Yes the jumper is the one shown in the shot, although it doesn't show it off to it's best. Thank you for your kind comment.
      Lucy :o)

  5. Oh, wow!! I haven't seen it. Of course I'm in the USA. I love the 1900's house, frontier house, and regency house party that the BBC and PBS did years ago. I will definitely have to check this out!!

  6. I watched it and really liked it! I love the WW2 era and the 1950s. Sad that they are skipping straight to the 60s next though.

    Just read Millions Like Us - not sure if you have heard about it. It is a great book about women during the war - really moving and inspiring!

  7. I'm loving Turn Back Time..... did you see the High St one last year? Ok somethings are wrong but on the whole it's very good. I was pausing the TV to look at that green jumper!! It's featured in the titles at the beginning of each episode..... I've been waiting to have a good look at it, how funny it's one of yours! Shame they're jumping to the 60's, I would love to have seen the 50's :) x

  8. I adore those earrings and brooches, where can I get them from?? I love Turn Back Time, I blogged about it recently actually. Such a good programme! XxxX