Monday, 3 December 2012

Advent Adventures - the tree, a fair and more 1940's knitting patterns!

Well, Monday has come again all too quickly, but I don’t mind too much because we’ve had a rather lovely weekend.

On Saturday, we awoke to a picture perfect December morning.  Thick frost lay upon the roof tops and the grass was white and crunchy under our feet.  Two excited girls opened the first door of their advent calendars.  Their countdown to Christmas has officially begun!

Who am I kidding!  I was just as excited as they were and happily tucked into this little fellow who had been hiding behind the first door in my own advent calendar (you’re never too old!!)

Chocolate consumed and everyone wrapped snugly in numerous layers of clothing (it was -2 you know!), we headed out to buy our Christmas tree!!!  To me, the buying of the tree signifies the beginning of festivities.  

Picking the tree is a real family affair and includes we 4 plus my parents.  We always have a real tree.  You simply cannot beat the smell.  Yes, they can be messy and I will no doubt be pulling pine needles out of my socks for months to come, but I don’t mind, it’s definitely worth it.

As to the choosing of the tree, it takes me a long time and the entire family knows the drill.  This is how it goes. 

I get to the garden centre and I pick a tree which is, of course, positioned at the back of an extremely prickly pile!  I don’t touch the tree, oh no, that painful task is left to the men folk who, invariably, complain that they should have brought gloves with them and vow that they will, of course, bring them next year but obviously never do because the same saga ensues each and every year! 

Once they have grasped the tree, they hold it while I peruse it from all angles but, of course, this first one isn’t quite right.  It’s either not the right shape, doesn’t have enough branches, the branches it does have aren’t strong enough or perhaps the tree is just not the right green – yes I have used that as a legitimate reason to reject a tree because greens vary, you know, and being a fuss pot, the tree I choose has to be “just right”. 

So, more trees get chosen and discarded before I finally find that most perfect of trees which ends up being, more often than not, the tree I selected first!  I doubt this scenario will ever change; call it a Y family Christmas tradition, if you will :o)

The tree won’t be going up yet or I fear it’ll be a mere stick come Christmas Day!  No, we shall wait a week or so which gives me time to hunt out some more decorations :o)
On Sunday, we took our wares to the Little Vintage Lover Fair in Blakeney and by jove it was cold!!  It’s a 2 hour drive for us and the temperature didn’t get above freezing for the entire journey; the countryside did look lovely though, well, what I saw of it anyway.  I have a bad habit of falling asleep in the car and with my beret pulled down and my collar pulled up, yesterday was no exception :o)

As to the fair, it was lovely and warm as, thankfully, we were right beside the radiator!  Lots of lovely bits and pieces meant II was able to do a little bit of Christmas shopping and rather too much “me” shopping.  

I bought 25 knitting patterns from one very lovely, and amazed, lady.  Some are from the 1930’s, others from the 1940’s, all are lovely!  One of my favourites is the beaded jumper but that requires the individual sewing on of 500-700 beads!  Not sure my patience would extend that far. 

I also picked up a couple more bits for the kitchen.   One was a green enamel colander which had been languishing in a barn for over a year so I had to be “save” it.  It’s in really good condition and is in a relatively hard to come by colour.  The second was a flour tin, part of the Worcester Ware collection.  It was pretty filthy when I got it but a gentle wash has cleaned it up nicely and it’s currently sitting in the kitchen looking rather lovely! 

We have another jam packed week ahead of us, the countdown to Christmas has most definitely begun – only 22 days to go :o)   I shall leave you with one of my favourite shots of the weekend - my littlest cheeky moneky in her new festive onesie :o) 


  1. What a cute little one.
    Fabulous finds those knitting patterns.
    Julie xxxxxx

    1. Hi Julie,
      Thank you, she is a real little cutie but she's a cheeky little monkey too :o)

  2. haha how cute your littlest one looks in her pixie suit- I'm sure if I was her age I'd be in one too! Guess a siren suit is the same sort of thing though ;)
    Oh and you have all the luck in finding new knitting patterns. I haven't found any in absolute ages. I think my favourite has to be the rainbow one- it's simply wondrous :) Would really love to know who the mannequin is too? She's my idol!

    Tupney x
    P.S. Re: Ramsey thing- No way! If our paths ever cross again you must say hello. Both being shy must cancel any nervousness out, right?!

    1. They are so snuggly and she adores it but hadn't compared it to a siren suit - until now :o)

      I'm glad I'm not the only who is a little potty about that model! I have so many patterns with her on and the other day I saw one from the 1950's with her on too - I'd love to know who she was!

      Re the Ramsey thing, I could have kicked myself for not saying hello. Maybe next time hey? :o)

    2. Oh, by the way, if you would like a copy of the rainbow jumper, I'll happily send you one. Just send me an email to :o) x

  3. What a cutie! I'd love a suit like that :) Lovely knitting patterns x

  4. So would I :o) They're so cosy x