Thursday 20 December 2012

Christmas Swap 2012

Look what arrived through the post for me this week.

A while back, I signed up for the Christmas Swap which had been organised by Lakota over at Faith, Hope and Charity Shopping. 

Lucky for me, I was paired with the lovely Wendy who blogs at The Butterfly Balcony

While I know I should probably have waited until Christmas (and if Mr Y had been here I'm almost certain he would have confiscated the parcel until the 25th!) I couldn't help it.  With curiosity very much getting the better of me and with the added enthusiasm of two little, Christmas hyper, monkeys, unwrapping it all was inevitable!!

I did manage to hold the girls back just long enough to grab my camera and take a photograph of the neat little brown paper packages which had been adorned with little snowflakes (which served as a reminder to me that I haven't done that with the girls yet! - another thing added to the list!).

For starters, there was the handbag!  It's a really lovely blue, which the camera isn't doing justice to, and is big which makes it perfect and practical for carrying all my handbag tat treasures in.  A charming addition is a little woolly flower! 

The next parcel, selected by a small helping hand, contained a green velvet stocking with applique poinsettias!  As unbelievable as it might sound, I don't actually have a stocking!  Sad, but true :o)  This, my first traditional stocking, is now hung up, waiting to be filled by the jolly man in red!

Next was a carved bone gentian brooch which matches my gentian bracelet perfectly - now to find some earrings :o)  Yes, I'm jewellery obsessed!

Swiftly followed by some skillfully knitted foot warmers/slippers (don't know what to call them!!) and a rather splendid collection of knitting patterns.  Now, this is where the not so nice, pattern fiend, side of my might show because I think, well, I know, if truth be told, that I wouldn't have parted with these patterns for anyone.  I'm very impressed that Wendy managed to give them away!  Rest assured, they have found a loving home ;o)

The best, and most thoughtful of the gifts, were the little crocheted angels which had been wrapped separately, one for each little Y!  The girls were beyond happy that they had been included and immediately hung their new, special, decorations on the tree.  They are so delicate, and have been worked so neatly.  I know they will be loved for many, many years to come!

The fair isle tootsie warmers are doing a sterling job as I write this post and I wore the gentian at the open air (and darn chilly) carol concert that we went to last night! 

As to what I posted off, I know that I'm safe to show you because, like me, Wendy didn't wait until the 25th either :o)

1) A little jingly bell tree decoration that I made. 
2) An Odhams knitting book that dates from the mid 1940's (a total charity shop bargain!) 
3) A Cath Kidston cottage tin with pins
4) Chocolate because, lets face it, Christmas isn't Christmas without chocolate (well, not in my house anyway)
5) A very mini Keep Calm and Carry On notepad
6) A turban that I knitted from a 1940's pattern and a tube of hand cream for "Wool Weary Hands!" :o)

I know that I will get use out of each and every item and many, like the angels, will be enjoyed for years to come - thank you Wendy for the time you took in selecting and creating my wonderful gifts :o) xx  I have thoroughly enjoyed Christmas Swapping with you!

Thank you also to Lakota for organising the swap :o)  It's been great fun x


  1. Wonderful presents, the handbag is lovely :) x

  2. Wow! That's a great pressie/swap you received, and an equally fab swap sent out! The foot warmers look nice and warm.... :)

  3. How fantastic and sweet is this! I love it! Happy Christmas!!! xox Bunny

  4. I am so glad you liked everything!! I showed my Mum this post over Christmas and she was made up, she now thinks her angels are famous as they have been on your blog, you made her day!! xx

  5. You both really did brilliantly with the swap, I love the little angels for the girls and the handbag, and I really really like the jingle bell heart you made too. Thanks so much for taking part!

  6. Lovely swap gifts. I didn't wait until the 25th either.