Wednesday, 6 February 2013

A Frilly Forties Affair - 1942 jumper

Well, what’s this then?  Could it be yet another jumper?  I know, I’ve surprised myself too.  No regular jumper postings for weeks and then two come along within days of each other.  I wouldn’t get too used to it though :o)!!

In truth, this one was actually completed in 2012 but it is such a fiddly little beastie to sew up that I’ve been trying to ignore it.  Out of sight, out of mind and all that!  You see, there are 12 pieces to the jumper and the 240 stitch long frills are tricky to attach.  Also, being such a dark brown, it wasn't something I could sew up in the evenings as I needed daylight.  As it is currently raining, snowing and hailing (how does that happen all at once?) light is somewhat of a problem and so I apologise for the poor quality of the shots that are coming up.

The pattern comes from a 1942 Stitchcraft magazine.  It was featured on the front cover which means we get to see the original in all its colourful glory.  I’d love to find just the right shades of green to replicate the original.

I chose Stylecraft double knit using dark brown as the main and copper as the contrast – a nice combination I think.  From a wool usage point of view, it didn’t use as much as I thought it would and only took 330g of dark brown and 140g of copper which leaves me plenty to make a two colour turban to match! :o)

The stitch is more simple than it looks.  The pattern is basically stocking stitch with a row of slip stitches that you carry over 3 rows before shifting them forwards or backwards on the 4th row depending whether you want a zig or zag!

The neckline called for a row of double crochet, something I can just about manage, and the back opening is finished neatly with 3 original vintage buttons.

I do have an admission to make.  The frilly bits should have been cast off in the contrast yarn to give an added bit of detail.  I can’t remember the reason why they weren’t but I don’t think it really matters, they still look lovely.

The design is one of my wartime favourites, which is why it's been done 5 times before! :o)  This is a lovely lady wearing my favourite green colourway :o)

It never hangs around long and I'm hoping that this new colourway will be snapped up just as quickly!  With the weather taking a turn for the worse, it could be your perfect winter warmer :o)

In response to a couple of questions I got on my previous jumper post;  Yes I do actually sell my jumpers.  Primarily, I sell genuine 1940’s civilian clothing, shoes, hats etc but as a sideline, and a very popular one at that, I do sell the jumpers either at 1940’s events or occasionally on my Facebook page which you can find HERE. 


  1. Oh Wow! That jumper is fantastic
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. Such a fab jumper, I adore the "frill" detail...and in green it is just the best! Lizzie

    1. Thank you Lizzie. That lovely girl looked really stunning in the green, it's so pretty.

  3. Sigh! Serious wanties, another lovely jumper, you clever lady. Issue 178 of our mutual mag love collection arrived today. The jumper on page 20... Yummy! I also bought the DVD of Housewife 49 after you mentioned it. I've seen it before but not for a while. No doubt more jumper lust shall ensue!
    Hope all's well with you all.
    Hen x
    P.s. how are you liking "Dancing on the Edge"?

    1. Hello Hen,
      I've just taken another look at that jumper, don't know how I missed it! It's been added to my "to knit" list. So many possible colours, I shall have to put my thinking cap on :-)
      Hmm, "Dancing on the Edge" isn't what I expected but I shall persevere in the hope that it gets better.
      Lucy x

  4. Such a lovely jumper, no wonder you've made so many :) x

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  6. Ooh what a gorgeous style, love your choice of colours too :)