Friday, 22 February 2013

Birthday Blues

So, today, this beautiful little lady of mine is celebrating her birthday.

My little lady when she was 2.

However, instead of enjoying the vintage tea party we had planned for her (a celebration entirely of her choosing) she has succumbed to the flu and is sleeping soundly on the couch.  

She hasn’t been able to get excited about anything; not the snow flakes which have been falling on and off throughout the day (yes, it’s been snowing AGAIN!) and not the toadstool house cake I made for her which she had planned months ago.

I’ve reassured her that it’ll be waiting for her when she’s better but it’s not the birthday she had planned which is such a disappointment for her because birthday’s are so important when you’re 7! :o)

The flu she is suffering with is the same one that saw me out of action for a few days, hence my Internet absence.  Mr Y and my youngest also have it and all three are now sleeping soundly.  The house is eerily silent, apart from my fingers clicking on the keys.

Being ill and then running round after three bug ridden people, I haven’t really achieved much in terms of making and I haven’t done anything interesting; things have been pretty boring! :o)

However, although I don’t have anything completed to share with you, I do have a number of “works in progress” shots, “sneak peeks” if you like!

First up is a really pretty jumper from a 1940’s Bestway pattern. 

It’s been knitted in Stylecraft 4ply in a shade called butterscotch.  It’s a relatively new shade in the 4 ply range and I’m really impressed with it.  It’s so pretty and suits the 1940’s palette perfectly.  All the pieces have been knitted; I just need to sew them all together.

Next up is a waffle jumper, a design that I’ve used many times before, from a 1943 pattern.  Again I’ve used Stylecraft 4 ply, this time opting for aster, midnight and cream.  Aster is quite a bright shade and although I’m not a “blue” person, if you get what I mean, it’s actually turned out prettier than I expected.  Perfect with a little navy skirt or slacks perhaps? ;o)  All the pieces for this one are also finished so it’s just the sewing up that needs to be done.

Last up, yet another waffle (I will never tire of this simple yet effective pattern).  Again, a Stylecraft 4 ply number, this time in black and cardinal.  One for Dennis the Menace perhaps??  This one was finished and I was about to sew it up when I noticed a mistake more than half way down the back!!  I’ve ripped it back and corrected the mistake but it's been put back in my work basket until I can face knitting it again.

Half term will soon be over and normal routine will return on Monday so I hope to have the jumpers finished soon so I can share them with you properly

P.S.  I want to post some free knitting patterns on the blog but I can’t work out how.  If any of your clever people know a way, please email me on – I simply can’t work out how and it’s frustrating!


  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl-what a beauty she is! xox

  2. Oh poor things. I hope they all feel better soon!
    Love the sneak peeks!

  3. What a cutie! Sorry to hear she's poorly but she has the cake to look forward to! x

  4. Happy Birthday to your little one, I think a special party should be had when she feels a lot better.
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  5. Thats an awesome birthday cake, hopefully everyone will be well enough to get stuck in soon! :)

  6. Have you got the pattern number for the aster, cream & midnight jumper please? Love it ;)

    1. Hi Tatz,
      I actually have a copy of that pattern for sale. Email me on and I'll send over the details :-)

  7. Awaaah I hope she is all better now and was able to enjoy her belated birthday! The cake you've made is so fabulous, I would struggle to cut in to it! My word you are a knitting machine, all those picture look so tantalizing!

    You have totally converted me to Stylecraft 4 ply yarn, I can't get over how unlike acrylic it feels! I have just bough myself 5 balls of the pink (I forget the name) which I am eagerly waiting to (slowly) turn in to something wonderful.

    Only advice I can give on sharing free patterns, is to make sure you put a watermark (web address or something) over the photograph, as it should deter unscrupulous people from trying to sell them on ebay (I've seen it done), its harder to remove/disguise the mark when its on the image. I hope this helps :-) xx