Thursday, 27 June 2013

For the Love of Blog

Ok, so things are changing in this funny old world of the blog. 

The powers that be at Google, for reasons best known to themselves, have decided to close Google Reader.  The service will close on Monday July 1st, which, if I understand if correctly, means you will lose your blog reading list.

Fear not though, because where one app closes, plenty more pop up to take it's place.

I've chosen to move over to Bloglovin'.  It was quick and easy to sign up, and my reading list was transferred at just the click of a button.  If you want to keep reading my knitting, crafting and vintage loving ramblings then you can pop on over to my Bloglovin' page, which you will find here.

However, if you don't fancy joining up to yet another site, and I truly can't blame you if you don't, you can still keep up to date with my goings on by subscribing via email (the link for which is in my sidebar) or by checking out my 1940's Style For You Facebook page, which you can find here.

While I'm posting, I just wanted to say thank you for your kind comments and emails on my previous post, which wasn't the sunniest.  You lot are fab and made me feel much happier - I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!! xx

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