Sunday, 23 June 2013

Playing Catch Up

Argh!  Time, where do you go?  More than halfway through yet another month, the longest day of the year been and gone.

June is galloping by at an alarming rate and yet there is still so much I want to share with you.  A trip back in time on the Great Central Railway and a spot of 1940’s dressmaking, this time for C, to name but two.  I will get there; honestly, I’ve just been flat out busy, which is great, but very tiring.

I’ve felt a little “bleugh” about the whole blogging thing of late, a little jaded I suppose, for one reason and another, but I’ve had a look back at some of my original posts and actually like this visual record of the sunnier parts of our little lives so, giving myself a much needed kick up the backside, I’m determined to carry on, so this little post today will be a round up of a few of the things I’ve been up to these past few weeks.

Last weekend saw us up with the lark and into the car to make the 2 hour journey to the North Norfolk coast.  We love this beautiful area of the country where coastline meets countryside. 

It was a dual purpose visit, encompassing both business and pleasure.  Our first stop was to visit the North Norfolk Railway.  It is a beautifully preserved railway with immaculately kept stations and the line runs through rolling countryside with panoramic views of the North Sea. 

There are three stations on the railway; Sheringham, Weyborne and Holt.  All three stations are very different and have their own individual charms, but Holt is my favourite.

Once Mr Y had had his fill of the trains (well, once I’d prised him away from the platform) we journeyed 10 miles along the coast to a little village near Blakeney.  While Mr Y took the little critters crabbing, we visited the octogenarian who has been an incredible source of some of the most amazing vintage clothing I’ve ever had the privilege to lay my hands on.  

This visit was to sort through some of the clothing that was stored in what were once the servants’ rooms.  We moved boxes and bags, cases and trunks, my arms certainly felt it the next day, as did my knees (gosh I’m sounding so old!). 

What was the reward for crawling around in old mouse droppings and cobwebs (one of the less glamorous sides to my line of work!)?  A fabulous collection of knitting patterns in the most amazing condition.

And an absolute millinery treasure trove of genuine ‘30s and ‘40s hats, with everything from close fitting felt numbers to late 1940’s straw hats. 

I was very reserved and kept just one of the 40 hats we brought home with us, a stunning late 1930’s example in the most beautiful burgundy colour with a green grosgrain trim!  It has a little moth hole on the crown, so a little clever mend is required, but what’s one moth hole in a hat that is over 70 years old??

Once we had gathered up the haul and dusted ourselves down, we popped back into Holt to do a spot of shopping, vintage style! 

There are a number of vintage shops in Holt selling everything from clothing to kitchenware.  It was a drizzly kind of day but we weren’t deterred and after visiting nearly every vintage shop in the town, I made just a few purchases, all from the one shop.  It's a place called Cobwebs and they have the most amazing collection of vintage patterns and haberdashery items (as well as plenty of other bits and pieces) that I have ever seen, and incredibly reasonably priced.  I picked up a couple more patterns which I will use for C and build up her '40s wardrobe.

And yet more knitting patterns for me, all at less than £2.00 each.

On the knitting front, I've fluffed up yet another jumper, which means that's two in a row - I'm not sure how, I'm blaming it on brain overload and tiredness. 

Don’t get me wrong, it's pretty, knitted in a 55% wool, 45% acrylic mix, in the most fabulous autumnal shades, but it is just way too big for the lady who had ordered it. 

You can tell I lost heart because, once I fully realised it wasn't going to fit, I couldn't find the motivation to sew in the other sleeve or knit the front collar.

For fear of fluffing up another woolly, I’ve put the knitting down for a while and have, this past week or so, been working on some more felt corsages. 

The pattern I have been using comes from a 1942 Needlework Illustrated magazine and the felt crafting section was part of the crafts for convalescents scheme.  They are quite fiddly to cut, those tricky little leaves especially, but the finished article makes all the fiddly bits worth it.

So that's me and what I've been up to these past few weeks.  I hope you have all been having fun filled days.  I intend to find time this week to check out some of your blog posts that I have missed :o) 

Oh, and if you fancy a night of 1940's fun, please don't forget to enter my giveaway where you have the chance of winning two dance tickets and 1 nights bed and breakfast at the Red Lion, in Cambridge.  Details of the competitiona can be found link.


  1. Those patterns were worth getting dirty for! Sometimes a good rant can make you feel so much better! x

    1. They certainly were :o) Now to find some time to actually use them. Ah, the rant. I felt so much better getting it down in writting - very theraputic x

  2. Good rant certainly makes me feel better - I am going to have one soon!!!
    Love the patterns.
    Julie xxxxxxxx

    1. Thank you Julie xx Thank you also for your email :o)

  3. Wow, I love that hat! Me wants!!!

    1. It's super special :o) My new favourite piece of head attire!

  4. I am so envious of all those fabulous knitting patterns. It was definitely worth getting grubby for those gems. Oh dear, aren't some people sneaky? How very disappointing. I hope the person in question feels ashamed. Do you sell the corsages online? Unfortunately I can't get to any 40s events, but I love the ones in autumnal colours.

    1. They certainly were and they are in such amazing condition. I do sell my corsages online. You can either have a look on my Facebook page or you can contact me on and I'll let you know how to order :o)

  5. So glad you've decided to keep blogging - I love reading about your finds! And what a shame about the Blogger purloining your idea. I love the little corsage you sent me in the swap; I'll try to feature it in a future post!

  6. Oh darn! I hate it when things like this happen and unfortunately it happens all too often. It went on throughout my school and college days and it made me so mad. I hate it when people say that silly saying too, as it most certainly doesn’t help or make you feel any better- I’d rather no flattery thank you very much!

    Anyroad, your wonderful stash of knitting patterns and a beautiful hat are quite sigh worthy- you lucky thing… keep your pecker up miss!

    T x

    1. You are so lovely, thank you :o) Your comment made me smile xx

  7. Don't stop blogging, yours is one of the few I always enjoy looking at, especially to enviously drool over all the amazing knitting patterns you unearth, not to mention all your creations! Truly sympathise with the fluffed up jumper, it's so annoying when it happens. Luckily I've only had that when knitting for myself, not for anyone else. Hope it worked out in the end!