Wednesday 21 August 2013

Third Time Lucky - 1940's Jumper Without a Mistake!!

I hope this post finds you well.  I’m so pleased it’s almost the weekend, and a bank holiday weekend no less!!

Today’s post is all about the knitting!! 

If you saw my previous posts about the two most recent jumpers that hadn’t gone entirely to plan, then I’m sure you’ll understand why I’d somewhat lost my enthusiasm for knitting. 

After my previous failures, I was uninspired by the knitting patterns in my own collection and decided I needed something new.  Turning to Etsy, as you do, I stumbled across Bex’s rather fine collection of PDF patterns. 

There are some beautiful patterns in Bex’s Etsy shop but in the end, I went for a simple jumper which was predominantly stocking stitch, but that had the iconic 1940’s style.

I’m trying to be sensible and use up some of the 20+ Kgs of wool that is threatening to break out of the various suitcases under my bed.  Although I would have loved to have gone shopping for some pretty wool for the new woolly, I instead went to my stash and picked out some Stylecraft 4 ply in cardinal, which is a lovely rich red.

The jumper was easy to knit and came along quite quickly.  The loop detail across the front was really simple and the instructions were nice a clear, which isn’t always the case with vintage patterns.  I made an alteration to the pattern which was to change the ties across the front from knitted ties to satin ribbon.  There was no collar, just a row of double crochet, the only kind of crochet I can manage, round the neckline.  Simple black buttons and a snapper closed the back and voila, the jumper was done!

I did a happy dance when I slipped it onto Doris, for a photo shoot in the sunny garden, and found that is was all as it was meant to be!  No mistakes this time!

The jumper was sewn up just in time to be taken along to the 1940’s weekend at Ramsey and I’m pleased to say it found a new home.  Ramsey was brilliant this year, lots of displays and stalls.  I have added some pictures to my Facebook page which you can see here :o)

Back to the knitting!  I find knitting a real pleasure; you’ve probably already guessed that by the number of posts about my woollies that you’ll find on this old blog.  However, recently, I’ve found that knitting for other people puts me under great pressure.  In my very busy little life, homeschooling my little ladies etc, etc, etc, something’s gotta give and after great thought, I have decided to stop offering commission pieces.  I’ll still be knitting, of course I will, just try and stop me, and my jumpers will still be offered for sale either at the various events and fairs I go to or on my Facebook page, but the pressure will be off and a weight lifted :o) 


  1. OOOh, that one came out very pretty :)
    I think it is wise to hold off on commissions- especially while homeschooling- that only gets more and more time consuming as you go further!
    Even better- you get the advantage of picking what you want to make! And Bex has a fantastic collection doesn't she?! Have you looked at Trove online too? Some fun ones there- including a few interesting accessories, which might be fun quick knits for your stall :) A few snoods and gloves or mittens might be fun. And for traditional mittens the "Selbuvotter" book has some absolutely lovely samples!

  2. Beautiful! I love the ribbon ties. I don't blame you for stopping commissions, I love knitting but as the fairs get closer I find I want to do anything but!!!Too much pressure :( x

  3. Ooh, very pretty! I'd looked at that pattern myself actually. Bex has some lovely patterns (lots of nice ones free on her blog too: In fact, it was one of her patterns that made me finally learn to knit!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous and much prefer your version with ribbons. I love knitting but I think I would find it a chore if I had to work to commission, so I can understand your decision :-)

  5. Lovely jumper and the buttons are gorgeous. It would be a real shame to risk the pleasure you get out of knitting so you've mAde a great choice. I love to knit but would hate to do commission work even if I was good enough .

  6. Congratulations for a wonderful and inspiring blog! I read it for some time now. This jumper came out beautifully! So simple and so nice :-)

  7. What a beautiful creation! I'm very envious of your knitting skills, I have certainly tried, but I haven't managed to succeed yet. Hey ho, keep practicing! Best wishes.

  8. Gorgeous. The ribbon is a nice touch.

  9. Your jumper is just lovely. I have big collection of vintage patterns and women's mags I must go through them and make myself something, especially since I might just find one to fit since losing weight.

  10. Your top looks gorgeous! I hope we get to see a picture of you wearing it. Will you pair it with trousers or a skirt?

  11. OMG!!! That is amazing! I've always loved this jumper, and to see it in real life is so nice. Congrats that you found a home for it so quickly :)

  12. This jumper is AMAZING. You are extremely talent!

  13. Hello Lucy,
    I have just found your blog and am amazed at your beautiful jumpers and flowers.
    I have just bought this pattern after seeing yours. I have only made cardigans for my twin five year old years and also dolly clothes so this will be my first attempt at something for me. I was wondering do you follow the pattern for the amount of rows and stitches with using the 4 ply wool, I have looked on the internet for 3 ply but they seem to come in baby colours.
    I see that you homeschool, we have eight children but decided to homeschool the twins, we have been doing it for a year now. Do you belong to a group or follow anything.
    I would love to hear from you.