Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Knit for Victory knit-along - I'm In!

So, dear readers, are any of you joining in with the knit along which has been organised by the lovely Tasha, who blogs over at By Gum, By Golly? 

I have, and I can’t wait to get started!  The Knit Along follows a 1940’s theme, and since I’m somewhat addicted to the patterns from that era, it would be silly if I didn’t sign up, right? 

It has come at a perfect time for me.  This year, I have decided to try and make a handmade gift for each of my immediate family, so joining in with the knit along will be the kick up the backside I need to actually get started.  After all, 6 weeks today, folks, is Christmas Eve, so I should really crack on!

So, what to knit?  Well, the knit along is open until January 31st which gives me plenty of time to tackle more than just the one project! 

My other half and my brother wouldn’t thank me if I gifted them something of the woolly variety, so both of my parents and my two girlie's will be the recipients of my work. 

Choosing for my dad is really easy.  When not a work, he wears a lot of 1940’s original and vintage inspired clothing.  His normal outerwear is a CC41 overcoat and 1940’s trilby (which does get him the odd sideways glance!).  To go with his overcoat and chocolate brown trilby, I’m going to knit him a scarf!  While it’s not the most imaginative of gifts, I hope he’ll really like it. 

The pattern is a Weldons one, printed on wartime paper, and was advertised as being suitable for both civilian and service wear. 

If I’m going to do it, he would want me to do it properly, and as period correct as possible, so I have chosen a pure wool Merino mix, by King Cole, in the most delightful chocolate brown colour.

It’s quite a fine 4 ply, and I have 3 balls of it, which is about 6oz.  The original pattern calls for 4 ¾ oz, so I should have enough.  The beauty of it is that if I do run out of the wool, the scarf will simply be slightly shorter than intended!  At approximately 50” long, I need to get cracking!!

I also want to try to tackle another Fair Isle jumper for my Dad.  I knitted this one for him about 4 Christmases ago. 

He absolutely loves it and as he’s so slender, he is a joy to knit for because I don’t have to adjust the patterns to fit his skinny frame.  I haven’t found quite the right pattern yet, but I hope to knit it in shades of brown and beige to go with his brown pinstripe suit.  His birthday is in February, so, if I manage to finish it in time, it will make the perfect gift.

Next up is my mum.  I won’t be knitting a jumper for her, as I still have one on the needles that I was meant to have finished for her birthday 3 years ago!  I have done the front and the sleeves, but it’s being knitted in crepe and I’m finding it hard on the hands, but that’s another story entirely! 

Instead, she’ll be getting a tea cosy.  Mum and Dad live in a beautiful house, decorated and furnished, in the most part, with original 1930’s and 1940’s items.  One day, I hope that they will let me take some photographs of it to share with you all.  There is a huge dresser in the kitchen which displays a collection of Beryl ware, and a knitted tea cosy will be just the job to keep the pot warm.

The pattern is one from the ‘40s, this time produced by Bestway.  I haven’t decided on a colour way yet, the original calls for 4 shades of 4 ply.  I’ll probably try to get some green in there somewhere.  It should be a good way of using up some of the odd balls of wool I have lying around. 

Last, but by no means least, my little pair of pickles!  My girls are truly easy to knit for, and while I won’t have time to knit them a jumper each, I want to make them a beret and matching mittens.  Neither of them likes pure wool, as they find it far too itchy, so I’m off to Norwich on Saturday, without my babies, to see what I can find.

They are also both still young enough to love playing with their baby dolls.  My oldest has a girl doll, so for her I’m knitting a Little Red Riding Hood outfit that I have in a 1930’s Good ??? magazine.  Although not from the 1940’s, I’m sure the pattern would still have been used well beyond the era it was made in.  Obviously it will be done in red, probably using up some of the Stylecraft cardinal that I have left from when I completed this jumper.

For my youngest, her doll is a boy.  Interesting boy doll patterns have proved much trickier to find!  So much so, in fact, that I have yet to choose one and am still looking.  I'll be back to show you when I do! 

So that’s me done, and my next few months of knitting mapped out for me.  The hope is that all, bar the Fair Isle, will be completed in time for Christmas.  I’m sure that’s achievable, providing I stay flu free!! 

I’ve joined the Flickr group that Tasha has set up, so those joining in can add photographs of their work for all to see.  I’m loving looking at the things people have decided to make. 

If you want more information about it, or are tempted to jump in and join in, then there is a link in my sidebar which will take you to Tasha’s original post, where she explains how to go about it! 



  1. Oh I'd love to see your dad in his coat and hat, I bet he looks very smart. If they are 50grm balls you will have enough, if it was me making I would just continue till all the wool was gone! A scarf is only as wide and as long as you want it!
    I have gone to see if its too late for me to join in the knit-a-long. I love that cardigan on the cover!
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Can't wait to see your knits. Unfortunately my knitting skills are almost non-existent but this is something I'm planning to rectify in 2014 with the help of my mum! I'm very jealous of the Good Needlework magazine, it looks awesome.

  3. Oh your Dad sounds very dashing indeed, I do love to see well dressed gentlemen, its such a rare thing nowadays (well at least where I live). What wonderful projects you have lined up, the dolls outfit is just so cute I am sure your eldest will love it! xx

  4. I'm going to join in! I'm busy making for a fair this week but should be free to start in a couple of weeks. I plan to make myself (yes I'm going to make myself something!!) the victory beret, hope to have it finished by the end of January. I would love to see your parents house :) xx

  5. I've joined too and am working my way through another Fair Isle beret. I'm also thinking about knitting something from the wonderful 'A Stitch in Time Volume 2', but I'm spoilt for choice!

  6. Hi! Nearly a year has passed and I am only seeing this now. "Classic Knits for Boy Dolls" by Marjorie Fainges is a very good book - google it ... also check out google images. cheers, Marian