Wednesday, 11 December 2013

A 1930's Christmas

Sunday was a good day.  No, it was more than a good day, it was a great day.  It was spent in the company of my nearest and dearest, spent at one of my favourite places and spent doing what I love best; being with my family.

So, where was this great day had?  Well, we frequented the National Trust property closest to us, Sutton Hoo, where they had turned back the clock 80 years to celebrate a 1930’s Christmas.

Although Sutton Hoo is an anglo-saxon burial site, it also boasts an impressive Edwardian dwelling, Tranmer House, and it was here that the festive fun happened. 

There was so much to see, and the organisers and volunteers had done a marvellous job decorating the interior.  There was a huge Christmas tree, adorned with the most fabulous vintage decorations and surrounded by beautifully wrapped boxes, covered with bows.  Paper decorations hung from the ceilings, and a variety of greenery, gathered from the grounds, was placed around the fire.

The table was laid for tea with a beautifully iced cake just waiting to be cut, and crepe paper crackers in every place setting.  A work bag with knitting left on the chaise lounge, and numerous vintage toys and games, all of which the children were permitted to touch, were set out beautifully.

That’s one of the many plus points about Sutton Hoo.  Unlike so many of the Trust’s properties, you can actually touch and, more surprisingly, sit on the various chairs and sofas, which makes it one of our favourite properties to visit. 

While the girls played with the toys and coloured in Christmas cards, my Mr and me listened to the choir, from a local school, sing traditional carols, while the house staff offered round mince pies and a little tipple!

Memories were definitely made that day, and we are now feeling decidedly festive, if somewhat full of coughs and sneezes! 

I could have happily taken this dolly home.


  1. Aww such lovely photos...the little dog toy is very cute :)

  2. Looks like wonderful place to visit - wished I live close
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  3. Oh, I love toys from this period! And what a lovely mantelpiece arrangement!

  4. Absolutely stunning! I didn't know that they did this at Sutton Hoo...hope it's on next year, I'd love to see it! Think my favourite is the dog push along toy...oh, and the table setting!! : )

  5. Looks like a get christmas tree

  6. What a civilised looking Christmas, you can just imagine an evening of party games, friends and drinks, and then sitting listening to the 'wireless' while knitting...

  7. I just found your wonderful site--I just kept scrolling back and forth and enjoying it all one more time !!
    OK, now I've told Santa I want the Terrier dog toy--ok??
    Thanks again for a great site!!