Thursday, 27 February 2014

Free Knitting Pattern - 1940's Stars and Stripes American Jumper - Needlework Illustrated

Penultimate knitting pattern in my month of free patterns, I hope you have been enjoying them. 

Today, a bright a colourful jumper from the 1940's.

Click HERE for the pattern.


  1. That's SO cool! Under WWII Denmark was taken by the German and we weren't allowed to use our flag . so instead we'd paint the roofs red/white and used red/white stripes when ever possible. This would be very 'authentic Danish' in all red & whites stripes. This is a new 'must make'!

  2. This one is just fantastic!! And the great thing is, there are só many countries that use red, white and blue as their flag colors that you can turn in into a patriotic jumper of your own country very easily :)

  3. Fabulous!
    This is really similar to one that I saw in a museum exhibition about Sydney during WWII