Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Time to Relax

Well, what wonderful weather we have been having here in England.  The summer has most certainly arrived, although I must admit that the mercury has crept a little too high for me, 32 degrees is just too much for a snow Queen like me.  So, to escaped the heat of the town, we have headed West were it is still gloriously sunny, but not quite so scorchio! 

Things are very much on the up in our happy household.  Mr Y made the best decision ever and walked away from his job.  Not an easy choice, as he has enjoyed 12 years there and has made many firm friends, but new adventures are afoot, and come September, he starts in a new place, a more positive and less destructive environment, and he cannot wait; exciting times ahead!

So before the craziness of fairs and events gets into full swing, we thought we’d take a little trip to Mr Y’s home.  We love it down here in Cornwall.  The pace of life is so much slower.  We have no routines, very few chores to do, the scenery is incredible, and while the house is happily nestled in the heart of the village, the beach is just a few miles away.  And, well, when the sun is shining, everything looks just a little bit brighter don’t you think?

Cornwall offers some truly incredible places to visit.  From wrecks to ruins, grand houses to rugged coastal walks.  As long time members of the National Trust, and having recently joined English Heritage again, we’ve certainly been making good use of the cards.  The British holiday season hasn’t fully kicked off everywhere, with many schools only breaking up today, so attractions have been relatively quiet; very much to our liking.

We haven’t done any vintage hunting, but I hope to rectify that later in the week with trips to Penzance and Lostwithiel, two of my favourite hunting haunts :o) To be fair, Cornwall offers relatively slim pickings on the 1940’s front.  There are countless places to pick up pieces of china and the like, but let’s face it; there are only so many “things” a person can pack into an already bulging home!!

In the evenings I’ve been keeping equally busy, and obviously I couldn’t let crafting fall entirely by the wayside, so I’m working on finishing off this rather natty knitted jerkin.

My woolly pursuits have been less than I had hoped for, because it has simply been too darned hot to knit for any great length of time.  So when my hands can no longer handle the wool, I’ve picked up a needle of the sewing variety and finished off a dress for each of the girls. 

The print isn’t my favourite, but they adore it.  I’m sure the neon pink, yellow, orange and green dresses and shell suits (yes that was my childhood!)  I wore as a child in the mid 1980’s weren’t my mum’s choice either, but I thought I looked the business, and neither she nor my dad ever criticised what I wore.  My mum is a great advocate of allowing children the freedom to be exactly that; children.  So I’m trying to channel her freedom of spirit and trying not to care what other people might think.

We aren’t Suffolk bound just yet, there are pasties and ice-creams to be eaten and more adventures to be had before we head back to normality. 


  1. Glad you are enjoying your holiday, a good break is do good for all concern and on your way home if you pass through Somerset let me know.........................
    You are right children should be children, they grow up far too fast these days. I never care what people think, we are ourseleves and no-one can change that.
    Julie xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. What lovely photos :) so happy for your hubby too, I'm sure he will enjoy his new job!

  3. Oh how beautiful!!! I long to return to Cornwall again after reading this and seeing such exciting pictures.
    I really like the licorice material, I'd say your kids will look funky!!! X

  4. I'm so pleased for you, it's hard to get off the merry go round, but by the look of your photos it's already paying off, (my man's blood pressure dropped hugely after we moved out of London) enjoy it. x

  5. It's really great that it's paying off for you. My husband walked out of a very stressful (but well paid) job in a now very dangerous & volatile country last month and has yet to secure a new job. It's very frustrating, seeing him consider jobs such as sandwich maker when he was a HR manager but I am confident he has done the best thing given the circumstances and there is so much better things to come. So well done you, and hoping you are having a lovely time and I so enjoy your blogs!

  6. Great news about your husband. It looks like you're having a fantastic holiday :) x

  7. Congratulations to your husband on his new job. Must have been a big decision. Looks like a lovely holiday. I like the look of that jerkin!

  8. Hurrah for new jobs, lovely kids dresses and holibobs!