Friday, 19 December 2014

Exciting Times!!

Woohoo!!  Today marks the end of the school term, a glorious 2 weeks stretching before us.  As I sit here typing this, when I should really be wrapping the last of the presents, my girls are off on a jolly jaunt with their grandma for a trip into the town and a hot lunch somewhere.  C has dressed up for the occasion, with dress, petticoat, and cardigan; oh how I love her dress sense.

Can’t quite believe it’s the 19th already?!  I promised myself last year that this year would be different, that there would be no mad last minute rushing and that I would have every card written and parcel wrapped before the middle of the month.  I haven’t!!  There are cakes to marzipan and ice, presents to wrap, a couple still to buy (hoping for divine inspiration!!) and a few handmade gifts to finish making. 

It’s not that I’ve been lazy; we’ve actually had a pretty busy month so far, with lots of festive fun, indulging in the magic of Christmas and making things special for my growing girls.  I've done a lot of shopping, most is for other people, but I couldn't resist a couple of knitting patterns for myself :o)
One of my favourite knitting models in colour!
There was a trip to a chocolate shop where tasty treats were bought, (the snowman is no more!!) and a visit to family for festive fun.

The girls and I made a gingerbread house where little fingers got a little trigger happy with the piping bag!

Each year we let the girls choose a new decoration for the tree.  This year C went for a sparkly glass polar bear, and M picked a mahoosive Santa! 

They have joined our ever increasing collection of decorations, some more special to the girls than others.

We bought the tree, a scrumptious smelling 7 foot pine.  It took me a while to choose “the” tree, it always does.

The girls thought their luck was in this year, as we got to decorate it twice!  Yes, twice!  Three days after the tree had been decorated, both sets of blasted lights burned out!  I was so disappointed and more than a little cross.  The air was blue!  So,  decorations off, lights off, new lights on and then decorations back on, and the tree was restored to full twinkling glory!

This lovely man of mine turned another year older; 43 this year.  Such a cute picture of him at a family wedding the in 1970’s with his velvet shorts and white shirt!

Yours truly baked two dozen cupcakes for him to take into school for the other science teachers to enjoy. 

The very next day this lovely little lady turned 7!

I can’t quite believe she’s 7.  Every girl deserves to look the best for their birthday, so I finally cut into this gorgeous Poppy and Fred fabric, and with the help of my mum, made dresses for both girls.

And as you can’t have a birthday without a cake, I made her a baby Toothless dragon cake.

The girls’ came down with a rotten cough and cold last week, which was rubbish for them but quite fortuitous for me!  It was a week of Calpol and Christmas films, their fuzzy little heads being up for little else, and lots of knitting time, and now I just have the one sleeve to finish on my mum’s jumper.  Will it be done in time for the big day?  I hope so! 

I better crack on with the wrapping before my pair of little peepers come home!!


  1. I used to take our boys to choose a Christmas decoration, now they have their own trees, and one has his own children they now have the tree decorations they chose years ago.
    The gingerbread house and cakes look yummy.
    The fabric and the dress patterns look lovely
    Have a good Christmas
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. It is so lovely to hear all that you & your family have been up too.
    Your Mum is a lucky lady for Christmas, the jumper is beautiful, I love the design.
    Happy Christmas to you all.
    Fondly Michelle

  3. What a lovely festive post, you have been busy. Your tree is gorgeous and the cakes! That dragon cake is wonderful. Hope the girls are fully recovered and that your mums sweater gets done, it's going to be special. Happy Christmas.

  4. As all of your preparations seem to be coming together, all I can say is hope your two weeks give you much fun & laughter and that your Christmas is joyful.

  5. Whew! Sounds like you've been busy having fun and doing all the things... I definitely feel you on that score; we've been running around like craaazy too, and I can't see that stopping any time soon!

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  6. Lovely set of photos, a great blend of festive and crafty which is just about perfect. Those Science teachers were very lucky to get your cakes, I bet that helped get them through to the end of term. Your mum's jumper is looking great.

  7. (Catching up on posts) Your cakes are as professionally made as your amazing knitting, hanging my head in shame here! Lovely post as usual, there's always something interesting here, thank you. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, take care. x

  8. I really enjoyed reading your blog and seeing all the 1940s photos. Today I finished a hand knitted cardigan which I used a 1940s pattern passed on to me by mother. It's a blast from the past. I wish I had some 1940s sewing patterns like you have!

  9. I really enjoyed reading your blog and looking at all your photos. Today i finished knitting a girls cardigan from a 1940s pattern passed on to me by my mother. It has been a blast from the past! I only wish I had some 1940s sewing patterns like you.