Friday, 2 January 2015

Bestway 2024 - 1940's Green Cardigan

There's certainly no denying that 2014 was a busy year on the jumper front.  Thank you for your lovely comments on my last post; I'm glad you enjoyed looking at all the pictures as much as I did :o)

Over a year ago, I decided I wouldn't take commission orders anymore.  Problems with non-paying customers, issues with customers changing their mind once I'd started, or even worse, customers not liking the design of the piece, despite it having been their choice, put me off the process.  I kept knitting, but I knitted the patterns that I wanted, in the wool I wanted and in the colours I wanted! 

After a much needed break of doing as I pleased, and after countless emails asking whether I would knit to order, I decided to change the way I took commissions.  I now take payment for the wool upfront, am more particular about the type of wool I will use, and most important of all, I've learnt to say no when someone asks me to knit something that I really don't want to knit.

I had the pleasure of knitting for some truly fantastic people last year.  My final commission piece for 2014 was no exception, and was probably one of my favourite to work on.  It was knitted in a glorious shade of green and was, in the most part, all stocking stitch, so a nice quick knit.  

It was knitted in Adriafil Azzurra and the pattern was a Bestway pattern from the late 1940's.

I've knitted a few cardigans in the past, but I've never done one that required so many buttons.  Nine matching vintage buttons proved quite tricky, most of my sets had either four or eight, but I raided my own personal stash and found the perfect vintage set, heavy carved ones from the 1930's. Pretty, don't you think??

The pattern was nice and easy to follow, no little quirks or tricky bits.  It knitted up quite quickly (I was running it alongside another woolly), and everything fitted together nicely when it came to making it up.  The thing that took me the longest was the placket, it seemed to go on forever!!!

The cardigan has a new home with the very talented Kitty Lou who is an incredible seamstress who has an Etsy shop, Kitty Lou Vintage, which you can find here.

Mr Y is back to work on the 5th, so normal routine will resume.  I can't wait to start my next commission!



  1. Gorgeous Lucy. That is so pretty and love those buttons
    Julie xxxx

  2. I need to learn your lessons as I've had some problems with commissions in 2014. It has also made me think whether I want to continue taking them, and I guess as I already have some booked in the answer is yes, but I think I shall take them on my terms and ensure I book in time to knit some things I enjoy! Meanwhile while I recover from carpal tunnel surgery I am knitting a big aran jumper - comfort knitting as my friend called it. Your knits are gorgeous, you are very talented and I always get good comments when your posts feature on my Facebook page. I wish you all the best for 2015 xx

  3. Fantastic Lucy! I never take commissions, although in December a lady asked my to knit 2 bow scarves in a certain shade of green. I did it at the expense of my Christmas jumper, when I contacted her to say they were ready she never got back to me :( Lesson learnt, never again!! I'm hoping to knit more for myself in 2015, will be checking out your Etsy shop xx

  4. Hi!

    I love your blog and I particularly love the sweater you were knitting for your mother for Christmas, could you please tell me which pattern this is or where can I find this pattern as I'd really love to get my hands on it. I did try looking in your Etsy shop hoping it was for sale there but I couldn't find it. Many thanks in advance and Happy 2015! Suzie

  5. I really, really like that cardigan, it looks lovely. How nice that it comes in a good size too. I'm sure your customer was chuffed to bits with it. It is such a shame that you had problems with some customers, sounds like you have worked out some good ways to keep enjoying your knitting. Knitting is such an investment time wise, it is important to turn down things that you really don't want to make.

  6. This cardigan is lovely, and match perfectly with those beautiful buttons! Oh, was nice to read this post, I think I need to learn to say no. I wish you a wonderful 2015! :-)