Sunday, 1 March 2015

Farewell to February

The month of March has dawned bright and sunny in my little part of Suffolk this morning.  Happy 1st of the month to you lovely lot; hope it’s a good one for you! x

February seemed to go by in a flash.  It was a busy one, two birthdays and a much longed for half term week off.  

I know we aren’t alone in our love of school holidays.  It seems that as soon as one is finished, we are already counting down to the next one.  Four weeks and counting until Easter break.  Does that sound bad?  It’s not meant to.  The Mr is happy in his new job, but teaching is a hardand time away from routine is very precious, so we make the absolute most of every day of it.

C had a birthday last week, my beautiful girl turned 9.

A birthday isn’t a birthday without a cake; a chocolate mud cake, to be precise.  Gone are the days where the topping for the cake is my choosing.  My decisive little Miss picked a polar themed cake to feature her beloved toy polar bear, Racey, who was once cream, but is nowgrey; a rather threadbare bear!

My dad also celebrated his birthday.  Peter Pan at heart, he’s not too keen on this getting old lark.  He’s my handyman, decorator and fixer of things that I break in my house.  A very dapper chap much loved and adoredby my girls and the rest of us.  

great lover of cake, he picked carrot cake for his celebration.  My first time making the Hummingbird Bakery version and it seemed to be a hit.  I don’t eat the stuff, can’t stand to eat cake, or biscuits for that matter, with bits in them, so I didn’t taste test it.  But it disappeared at a rate of knots; the last piece polished off yesterday, so it must have tasted good.  

A few rather special patterns found their way into my collection last month.  

My favourite is the Service Woollies for Women.  It’s somewhat battered and tatty, the pages are all loose and without their original staples, but I love it.  
also picked up a Knitted Comforts for the Royal Navy badge from WW2, and a white Beehive wool holder, which was a Valentine’s gift from the Mr.

Despite my best laid plans, I didn’t get half as much making time as I thought I would, but that’s so often the case in the holidays.  I made progress on the commissions I’m working on.  One is a real go slow project, taking an hour a pattern repeat!  

also managed to make a couple of anemone corsages which I will be listing in my Etsy shop later on today.

I’m off to make the most of this fine day.  I hope you enjoy whatever you are up.  I aim to be back to post some free pattern downloads this month.  Anything in particular you fancy seeing posted?


  1. Glad everyone enjoyed half term. The cakes look yummy. My friend's daughter calls her car Racey. Oooh love your wool holder, and the Anemones look pretty.
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx
    Did you get the email I sent you on Friday?

    1. Thank you, Julie. We certainly made the most of it. Just replied to you email :o) xxxx

  2. Thank you Lucy for another beautiful post.
    Your cakes are wonderful, you are such a talented lady.
    I love all your vintage patterns & brooches.
    I am a beginner knitter really & would love some simple patterns please. I have knitted two jumpers for me, cardigans for the twins & several 40's tea cosy's.
    I love the rich colour of the wool you are using at the moment.
    Fondly Michellle

    1. Thank you, Michelle. The cakes went down well, although the fondant figures still remain as the birthday girl can't bear to eat them just yet. I'll happily send you some simple 1940's patterns. I'll reply to your email ASAP. :o)

    2. Thank you very much Lucy, I am on the sleeves of a 40's ribbed jumper at the moment, the home straight.
      We joined the RU Brainy site, thank you for all your advice.
      Fondly Michelle

  3. I'm super impressed with your cake decoarting skills, both cakes look simply gorgeous. And your B&W pic of your Father is adorable, he does look a real gent.


    1. Thank you, Jean. The mud cake was scruptious! That picture of my dad is one of my favourites. He hates having his picture taken, so this one will be cherished :o)

  4. As always I love reading your posts. I was wondering if you know if there was a badge for knitting for the Army. I have the RAF knitted comforts badge and the same knitted garments badge for the Navy as you. but have never seen a badge for the Army. I can't even seem to find any information to say that one ever existed. Can you or any of your readers shed any light?

    1. As far as I know, there wasn't a badge for army knitters. I have the RAF badge too, and always assumed there would be an army one, but I've never found one, or a record of one ever existing.

  5. What lovely cakes, they look wonderful! And your dad certainly is dapper, that's a wonderful picture of him.
    I'm a recent follower, I don't knit myself (I can crochet though) as I have difficulties following patterns, but I really enjoy seeing your makes.

  6. Love your blog, its so friendly. As for patterns, preferably easy and large size !!!! Please.

  7. February sure has flown by so quickly! Your anemone brooch looks beautiful; I'd love to add one to my collection one day soon, so I'm off to check out your Etsy. :D

    Also, I don't know if this is a cheeky request, but that jacket on the front of the Needlework book; I'd love to see that pattern on your blog if you are willing to share it. It looks super cute, and it caught my eye right away! ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  8. Very jealous of your yarn holder :( The birthday cakes look lovely & your dad is very dapper! xx

  9. The cakes are beautiful - what a way to celebrate! I always love to see what you are knitting and the wonderful treasures you find.

  10. I just found your blog, whilst looking for vintage websites. Your recreations of 1940's jumpers are really great. It's amazing how "modern" they look - still relevant after some 70 years. But what really caught my eye, was the cake you made for your nine year old daughter, which was just spectacular!!! I, too, love polar bears and seals and penguins. I really can't praise it highly enough. Indeed, you are a very talented and creative person!!!