Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Summer's End

Sitting here, looking out of the window, while the rain, which hasn't stopped for the day, keeps falling, it seems like the summer has well and truly finished.

Very shortly, the 7 weeks of family fun we've had will come to an abrupt end, the 5.50am alarm tomorrow signalling that the autumn term has arrived.  Where is 2015 going?!  Soon thoughts will turn to autumnal shades and cosy evenings, while crafting will take on a decidedly Christmas theme.  For now, I shall push festive planning to the back of my mind, and instead look back at the things we did in this summer.

When school finished in July, our heads were filled with thoughts of leisurely strolls in the countryside and long summer evenings, picnics in the shade and paddling in the cooling sea.  As soon as we were able, we packed up and headed West to my husband's family home in a little village near Perranporth.

Cornwall is, quite simply, beautiful.  Come rain or shine, there is always something to discover in this amazing county of hidden treasures, and it will always have a special place in my heart.  I loved the place before I ever met Mr Y.  The fact that Cornwall is his home county was the icing on the cake, when I met him!
We made the most our time there and certainly kept ourselves busy.  

Picking a perfect warm evening, we headed to Perranporth when the tide was on the way out, found ourselves a rock to sit on and watched the sun sink slowly into the sea.  The light was amazing, and the reflections in the sea soaked sand were so beautiful.

I captured this shot of Miss C, my little thinker, on my iPhone.  No filter, no enhancing, just a second in time, and beautiful.  

Miss M prefers to be hands on and spent her time grubbing in the sand!! 

We made footprints in the sand and explored the caves.

You cant beat a National Trust property, and we went to the stunning Lanhydrock House, and fell in love with it all over again. 


What a view.  We sat and just looked at this incredible view.  Imagine that for a garden!

The story of the last family who lived there, the Agar-Robartes, is quite a sad one, and there is a moving display in the gatehouse explaining what various members of the family did during WW1. 
 I visited with my parents as a teen, and remember how awesome the house was, especially the massive kitchen.  The National Trust has done an amazing job, and the house really looks as though a family still lives there.  We loved it so much, in fact, that we made a second visit and walked the estate from the other end, stopping off at the Bodmin and Wenford Railway en route.

Picking one of the hottest days of the summer, we sweltered in the biomes at the Eden Project.  




And took a trip to St Ives on a double decker bus while the car was being serviced.  Such a picturesque little place, but oh so busy!  We went on a baking hot day, and if I'm honest, the streets became a little too busy for us and the seagulls were a menace!  But we found pizza, cooked fresh to order, and then they all had the obligatory ice cream with a dollop of clotted cream on top.  We got through quite a lot of clotted cream, actually.

We felt that we could have stayed in the West forever, maybe one day, but we had to head home, and ultimately, there's no place like home.

There was time spent with family and friends, evenings out and lazy breakfasts, walking through forests and puddle jumping in the pouring rain, and more late nights than there probably should have been, but we really let our hair down in the holidays.

A trip to Norwich to see the GoGo Dragons where, on an 11+ mile walk, we spotted 64 of the 84 dragons, and then shared a train journey home with a carriage of merry football drunks!

Unusually, not much knitting happened.  I finished this jumper that had taken me ages to knit because I lost interest in it, and I've managed to hurt my shoulder so knitting is going at a snail's pace.

Most of my time was taken up with these little pretties!

I've started a quilt for Miss M, and have one planned for Miss C.  M wanted a red, white and blue theme and loves anything with dogs on, so we picked a mix of 1930's reproduction cottons, a couple of Cath Kidston prints, and a few from the Moda range for good measure. Add in some of the fabrics from dresses I've made both girls, and we were well on the way.  More than 700 2.5" hexies were cut and tacked onto paper.  Time consuming but oh so addictive.

Very much channelling the tortoise and the hare with the "slow and steady" mantra.  It's looking good so far, although I have to admit I've not done any for the last three weeks.

We ended the holiday on a high with a few days away in Crewe, Runcorn and Leicester, and threw in a trip to IKEA for good measure.  Got to love IKEA :)

There was a lot of treasure hunting too.  Not so much in Cornwall, the county offers relatively slim pickings on the vintage front, but that didn't stop treasures being found elsewhere!  
Pretty aprons.

Check out that knitting print fabric!
Favourite, favourite, favourite summer find - a WW2 Jacqmar propaganda scarf called Jacqmar Presents!
We have a final 1940's event to prepare for this month, my favourite event of the year, the 1940's Weekend on the North Norfolk Railway.  This is the one where Miss C and my dad go walkabout, and we barely see them for the weekend.  Outfits have been planned and I spent yesterday repairing and altering a tiny size 6 1930's/1940's dress for her to wear.

 We're off out in a bit, a trip to the cinema to see a final summer film before evenings return to marking and lesson planning.  Hope September is good for you xx


  1. It looks like your summer was packed with fun times and memories to last! That quilt is gorgeous and although time consuming, it will be treasured i'm sure. Your vintage finds are fab too, look at all those buttons, heaven! x

  2. What beautiful pictures of your summer trip. The fabrics are great and the sweater is sweet. Thanks for sharing and have a blessed day.

  3. What a wonderful trip, the photos of Cornwall are gorgeous. I live in rural Australia and where I am in Gippsland it is very green but England is just so beautiful. I love your jumper you knitted, I'm glad you got it finished. I have only just started knitting and have finished a scarf but so far that is it, I still need to learn to increase and decrease and do all of those things that you can required to do to knit clothes! I have started to learn to crotchet and I actually really like this. I have started sewing too, and I'm not brilliant at it but I love it. You have inspired me to do a quilt however! Enjoy your week, and the 1940s day, it sounds wonderful!
    Amber x

  4. Your photos are beautiful, the sea and sand so beautiful. Love seeing all your males and finds.
    Fondly michelle

  5. What a lovely Summer you'd had. The quilt is stunning, bet your girls will love them in the cooler weather.

  6. Lovely pictures of your summer, it looks perfect and relaxing. The quilt is just amazing, 700 hexies sounds staggering! Great finds, that knitting fabric is the best!

  7. That looks like such a lovely summer! I'm dying to go to Cornwall. Love the knitting print fabric, I think I need some!

  8. Have just found your blog. Coincidence - we were at the North Norfolk Railway weekend last week with my daughter and her family. Her husband is a volunteer with the railway and had an RAF uniform and Sophie and the 3 boys also dressed up. Now my hubby wants to dress up next year so we're going to be hunting out patterns and clothes ready for it. I know it was quite busy, did you enjoy it.