Thursday, 25 August 2011

My first post - Ramsey 1940's Weekend!

So, I’ve been browsing all your lovely blogs for a while now and thought I’d give it a go myself!  What better way to start than to tell you about the brilliant time we had at the Ramsey 1940’s event on the 20th and 21st August. 
We arrived on the Friday to begin setting up our stall.  This is the only bit of the event that I dislike.  It’s hard work and the sun was burning hot.  For one who turns into a lobster easily, the sun is not my friend!  However, by 4pm, the stall was ready and although we were shattered, we were incredibly excited about the weekend ahead. 
My 2 little girls had a fantastic weekend and loved dressing up and walking round with their Granddad. 
Granddad and my 2 little ladies.

We were really pleased when we got home to find someone had taken a snap of my youngest and added it to Flickr  One very pleased Mummy!

The event was brilliant.  They had military and civilian vehicles, a spectacular air display, a fair, a very patirotic parachute drop, some brilliant re-enactors, a vintage bus (much to the delight of my bus mad husband!) Lola Lamour and much, much more.  My favourite display had to be the CC41 clothing - simply stunning. I’ve never seen so many CC41 items in one place.   I could have taken them all home!! 

I love the Ramsey event and have been trading there for the last 5 years.  The atmosphere at the Upwood site was always excellent and we were a little anxious about the unknown entity of the new site but I have to say it was BRILLIANT!  From the moment we arrived, we felt at ease.  From a trading point of view, everything had been thought of.  We had a great spot, there were plenty of facilities and the staff were very helpful. 

It’s very much pot luck as to who you pitch beside, but we were very lucky and ended up beside the very friendly owners of Vintage in Vogue in Cambridge and their beautiful dog Norman who was a big hit with my little girls!  Check them out on Facebook or visit their shop in Cambridge – well worth a visit.  
A huge footfall of 12,000 attended the event and everyone I had the pleasure to meet was enthusiastic about the way everything had been done.  The camp was brilliant, the atmosphere in there was amazing.  There was something for everyone and it was surprising how quickly the time ticked by.  We were incredibly busy and took 6 jumper orders.  The needles will be clicking away in the my household shortly. 
While most traders headed home on the Sunday night, we, along with a handful of others, decided to stay a final night and were treated to this amazing sunset......

I cannot praise the staff at Ramsey enough and from our point of view, the event at the new site was better than those held previously at Ramsey.  A date for you diary is 19th and 20th August 2012. 
I’m now busily working away on all the knitting orders while preparing for our next event at the Little Vintage Lover fair at Creake Abbey Studios on the 11st September.  If you’re free, come and check it out!
Back soon,
Sunbeam x

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