Monday, 19 September 2011

Little Vintage Lover

Sunday the 11th September saw us heading off to our first event at a Little Vintage Lover Fair. 

Up at 5am, we drove the 70 miles to Creake Abbey where the event was being held.

Although Little Vintage Lover Fairs are well established, this was our first time trading with them and what a wonderful time we had. 

We saw a few familiar faces and were next to Faded Splendour.  They have a wonderful collection of vintage items, as well as beautiful corsages, all handmade – check them out here. 

Despite my best intentions, I didn’t manage to get photos of the event because we were busier than I’d imagined but below are some snaps of our stall…….

A little of our stock.

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The new owner of the zig zag jumper knitted from a 1940's pattern!

It was fantastic to be in a venue with people love vintage as much as we do!!  It was well organised with a great atmosphere and we hope to be invited to another fair in the future.

In the mean time, check out Little Vintage Lovers website here where you can see when the next fair is - it's worth a visit!

Back soon!!

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