Friday, 2 September 2011

My Mum and Cath Kidston!!!

Long before we began 1940’s Style For You, my parents were 1940’s re-enactors.  Not just dressing up and attending 1940’s events, but serious, in character re-enactors imparting their vast knowledge of the 1940’s on the paying public.  They have been fortunate enough to be seasoned re-enactors at some wonderful locations including Wimpole Hall, Anglesey Abbey, Kentwell Hall and Gressenhall Museum in Norfolk. 
At these wonderful living history events, they become Ivy and Norman Baker.  Norman is an active member of the Home Guard and Ivy flits between the fields as a member of the Land Army, or can be found in the kitchen, making tea with the WVS.  They have great passion for what they do and they go to great lengths to make sure that everything is accurate and the clothing is original, whenever possible.  

In May, at the Kentwell Hall 1940’s event, Mum and some of the other re-enactors were interviewed by a nice lady from the Cath Kiston magazine curious to find out what kick started the hobby for them. 

I LOVE this magazine......

Mum thought nothing more of it, and then a couple of weeks ago she was contacted by Cath Kidston to say the article was to be featured in this months magazine and would she like  a copy.   Would she like a copy?  Silly question me thinks!  This is a picture, albeit a very poor quality picture (thank you camera), of my Mum, aka Ivy, in said magazine.
Ivy in the WVS dress bottom right.

The magazine is available online here and you can zoom and read the article/take a closer look at my Mum. 
She’s made very little of it but given my love of Cath Kidston, and of course my Mum, I think it’s fantastic and have been telling anyone who’ll listen!! 
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  1. I think this is brilliant ! Great to have parents like them !