Sunday, 19 February 2012

All sewn up...........

………well, I’m half way there!

Last week, we spent half term at my husbands family home in Cornwall.  They live near Perranporth and we had a lovely time.  The week involved pasties, patterns and posing, a post on that to follow soon.

I decided to take a break from knitting and instead took with me some of the jumper pieces that had been stashed in a bin liner, as mentioned in this post.  

I managed to get 3 sewn up, they just need to have labels sewn in and then they'll be ready to come to our first fair with Little Vintage Lover which is on March the 18th.

First up is this one from Weldons.

Only the jumper was knitted this time because I wasn’t really happy with the finish.  It was done in Robin 4 ply because the colour is just lovely but I’m disappointed with how it’s turned out.  For a 4 ply, it’s actually quite a coarse yarn and not as soft and floppy as I expected.  The jumper is still pretty and it will be perfect for spring, but it’s not the texture I expected.

Next up is a chunky knit which would be perfect for today – the wind was bitter here!!  It was knitted from this 1945 pattern.

Please excuse the dodgy photograph!!

This one was knitted in Stylecraft DK claret and it has turned out really well.  The pattern called for a 4 ply so I was unsure whether a DK would work but I'm pleased to say it has!  The cardigan was meant to have a collar but it was really odd and wasn't working so I adapted it slightly and did a crocheted edge instead.  It was also impossible to get enough vintage buttons for this one so I went for some simple, modern black ones. 

The sleeves are the same length, honestly!  I should have checked they lined up before photographing it!

My photography skills letting me down again with this off centre shot!

Last up (for now) is a simple little sleeveless pullover from a pattern from January 1944 (can't find the original pattern to photograph - sorry).

Knitted in a 4 ply French navy, the pattern was for a service woolie!  Quite neat I think!

I hope you like the new jumpers, I'm off to watch Call the Midwife and then I'll be stepping back to 1938 to watch the new series of Upstairs Downstairs - serious clothes envy coming up! :o)


  1. The dark red cardigan is to die for! Do you sell your creations anywhere online?

  2. Hi Ruby,
    Thank you for your comment. I don't have an internet shop but I do take orders for my jumpers, although the waiting list is quite long :o) You can check out some of my collection on Facebook under 1940's Style For You or send me an email to if you want more details. I can't reply to individual comments for some reason x

  3. OOh so pretty! You are so fast at knitting these!
    I have heard that some of the merino wools are OK for those of us who itch terrible with wool. But the last one I knit with wool irritated my neck so much I am seriously considering everything BUT wool LOL

  4. they are beautiful - you are so inspiring. I may actually try kinitting again - perhaps in cotton, as it is so hot here. thankyouXX

  5. I love these, especially the red one, they are so well made! Glad you had a lovely week! XxxX