Tuesday, 14 February 2012

How to do a 1940's "do"!!

Hello all.  This is a very quick post because it's half term and we are having a break in Cornwall but I just had to share my love of this book.

As I'm away, I don't have access to the book and therefore can't share with you some of the images from inside but please trust me, it's brilliant.  I've tried and tested many a style and I love the way it shows you how to accurately re-create the 1940's look - no cheats in this one :o) 

I paid about £45 for it on eBay over six years ago and had it shipped from America.  Mine is an old library copy so it has a sticker mark on the spine but the inside is in great condition!  At the time, £45 seemed steep but I'm glad I bought it then because prices for it are now insane!  Take this one for example.  The seller wants over £198!  Seriously, great book but it's not worth that!  Even £72 for the used edition is still unrealistic when you consider that...............................
it's being re-issued!!!!!!! 

This great book is will be re-released in May for less than £20!!  I've already pre-ordered a copy for my Mum, it's well worth a look! 


  1. Oooh exciting, thanks for sharing the news about this. Funnily enough, my "hot sticks" arrived today so I had fun this afternoon trying to create a vaguely '40s do having watched Fleur de Guerre on Youtube! I have quite long hair so I find the hair the hardest part of a '40s look to get right.
    By the way, I told Julie Arkell about you while we were on the course the other week, she took your details as she wanted a vintage cardi making. Who knows, she may get in touch. But I told her to get in the queue, of course!
    Have a great break. Harry isn't on half term until next week for some reason.
    Hen x

  2. brilliant! Will keep an eye on out on amazon

  3. Oh wow thanks for letting us know! I'll definitely be checking this out! Have a lovely break away! XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.com/