Thursday, 16 August 2012

A Stitch In Time - blackberry stitch cardigan

Well, I just managed to squeeze this post in before heading to Ramsey.  Truth be told, I've had it written for a number of weeks now but couldn't share it with you because I hadn't delivered the cardigan to the new owner but as we're handing it over tomorrow, I think it's safe to share it with you all now ;o)

This is the pattern for the cardigan.

It came from Susan Crawfords A Stitch In Time.  I'm not talking about the fairly recently published one with the beautiful models and re-written patterns.  Oh no, this jumper was knitted from a 1982 edition of the book which was picked up at a car boot sale many years ago before vintage knitting had such a resurgence.  Just take a look at the cover.

Bit tatty, I know, but it does the job and at just £1.00 at a car boot sale, it was a total bargain.

The wool used for this cardigan was a Stylecraft 4 ply in a shade called aster.  It's such a pretty shade, so summery and will look perfect over a little blouse.

It took a long time to knit, not surprising really given the number of cute little bobbles, but as far as the pattern went, it was a fairly simple one to remember.  It knitted up well and didn't require much size adjusting, which is always a bonus.  The only slight annoyance was the time it took to sew it up.  It was quite fiddly making sure the lines of bobbles all matched up correctly.  I took lots of time safety pinning the seams to match everything up properly.  I never see the point in taking hours knitting something only to rush it at the last hurdle and make a hash of sewing it up!  It doesn't have buttons yet.  Some have been provided but until I know the jumper fits, I won't be sewing them on.  Here it is in it's summery glory.

I really love how the cardigan has turned out.  The pattern is so pretty and I think it's one of my favourite woolies to date.

As I've mentioned before, we are heading to Ramsey tomorrow.  While packing the van this morning, littlest Y, whilst trying to escape into the back garden, got her fingers jammed in the back door and is now sporting a pair of very swollen and bruised little fingers.  She was very brave though and, in her words, only had a little whimper (I wasn't quite so brave!).  Minor incident aside, we're just about packed, ready to head off tomorrow morning.

After the -4 conditions at Bassingbourn, howling gales at The Watercress Line and washout at Festival of the Forties, we're hoping for a bright, sunny, DRY (please!!) event.  I'll be back next week with lots of pictures - I hope.


  1. Beautiful work! What a lucky customer.

  2. This is so gorgeous! I wish I knew how to knit and wish I had the time!! Do you sell these?? Hope your lil one feels better soon!!! xox

  3. Its gorgeous!
    Hope your poor little one's fingers are feeling better?
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  4. That just knit up beautifully, didn't it? I love that shade of blue too!

  5. What a lovely cardigan, I knitted my sister a jumper in blackberry stitch.... it took forever but I was pleased with the finished result. Hope it stays dry this weekend for you :) x

  6. Aww bless her, I hope she feels better soon! I love that book cover! The cardigan is gorgeous,I love it! Have a great time in Ramsey! XxxX

  7. I love this so much! Its in my queue to knit, and you version is very inspiring ;)

  8. this looks lovely so very neat, splendid job well done