Monday, 15 October 2012

Besame Red Velvet lipstick review

Now, this isn't something I would normally do, and I'm not about to make a habbit of it but I'm so smitten with this lipstick that I just had to share it!

For a number of years, I've been an admirer of Besame lipsticks.  I've seen many a "1940's" lady looking stunning in one of the 6 vintage inspired shades.

I'd seen them online, had thought hard about which colour would suit me, got as far as putting one in my virtual basket before backing out at the last minute was!!  The problem was, I could never be sure of the exact shade.  Monitors show colours differently and matching a red to my skin tone via a computer screen proved too taxing for my brain!   Online shopping is brilliant and I use it a lot, as Mr Postie would agree!  :o)  but there are times when you actually need to see the item in the flesh, so to speak, before you know whether it will be right for you.   

We went into Ipswich yesterday for Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair.  The fair didn't really have my kind of vintage, primarily it was 1970's and 1980's attire.  However, what they did have, which was right up my alley, was Vintage Hair Lounge with their pop up make-up and hair stand and range of Besame cosmetics!

I instantly recognised the two ladies from their appearance on Wartime Farm.  If you spot them about anywhere, I cannot recommend them highly enough.  They were chatty and friendly and gave us plenty of time, even though there were lots of other people at their stand. 

For £15 you could have your hair done in a vintage style or for free, yes FREE!, they would apply your chosen shade of Besame lipstick so you could really tell what it was like.  There was no hard sell to make you feel that you then had to buy a lipstick, but or course I did :o)

The shade I went for isn't your classic, bright 1940's red but the more subtle Red Velvet which is described as a deep, rich red, great for everyday, neutral and not too bright.  The lipstick holder is so pretty and the outside packing is rather lovely too!  Each shade featured a different vintage lovely on the wrapping.

Cherries on Snow Yankee Candle that I also
bought yesterday :o)  Smells good enough to eat!
I've tried and tested lots of reds, my current one, is a bright red from Loreal called True Red.  I like it, but it doesn't really like me.  It's a bit too bright and I'm not overly keen on the staying power, or the texture for that matter.  It's less pigmented than the Besame one so takes a bit of building up.  The Besame one is amazing.  It is so creamy, easy to apply and has amazing staying power.  Here are the two colours on the back of my hand so you can see the difference.
Besame Red Velvet on the bottom, Loreal True Red on the top!

At £22, it's not the cheapest of lipsticks, in fact, Mr Y thinks is way too expensive, but because the shade is beautiful and because of the wonderful quality, I think it was value for money.  However, if you are going to buy one, I really would recommend that you try it first, if possible.  If you get it and end up not liking the shade on you, it's a lot of money to waste.

Fear not, normal knitting blog service will be resumed shortly as I have some amazing patterns I want to share with you! :o)

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  1. I love these lipsticks, the packaging is to die for! I would love to buy one, but I am having the same problem as you, as to choosing the right shade, I have a darker channel red, so I think I may go for the classic brighter red. I do agree that expensive red lipsticks are worth what you pay for, as they generally are more creamy and do not tend to bleed or dry out your lips too much.
    Thanks for the lovely post,
    Love Lil x