Saturday, 3 November 2012

1930's Vintage Style

We're already in the 11th month!  How can that be?  The year is simply rushing past yet there is still so much to do!  Cakes to bake, puddings to make, chutneys, crafting, gifts etc.  I know I'm not alone in having a long list of things to do at this time of year :o)

Half term is nearly at an end, and what a lovely week we've had but how is it that the working week drags but a week off skips past in the blink of an eye?  We had so many plans but time simply ran away from us. 

We've de-cluttered, a fairly never ending task with two small children, crafted and relaxed.  We also took a trip to visit my parents.   Determined to make the best of the wet weather, we headed into town and visited a second hand book shop, rather appropriately named Treasure Chest, where C & M picked up some more Enid Blyton books for their collection.  As soon as C was old enough to read, I gave her the copies that I had collected as a child.  I love that the books are still being re printed so new generations can enjoy them, but you simply cannot beat the artwork on some of the older copies.

For us adults, there was a visit to Vintage and Green who, along with flowers, (the "green" part of the name), sell a rather eclectic mix of lovely vintage and vintage inspired things.  The shop is attached to the old railway station, a plus in Mr Y's book, and always has something new to gaze at!  Our latest visit was no different and I came away with some paper chains, Christmas fairy cake cases and an amazing, and rather large, 1930's sweet jar with bakelite lid!  The day we shopped was also the day that my first issue of Pretty Nostalgic dropped on the door mat.  Hadn't heard of it until I read this post by Landgirl1980 - no reclycling bing when I've finished reading this one - it's a keeper! :o)

Also, from the local craft shop, I picked up some more felt.  More often than not, they only have the children's craft colours of felt.  I'm sure you know the ones I mean, bright, garish even, in reds, blues and yellows.  This time, I was very pleasantly surprised to find some amazing shades including an ochre colour, much sought after but rarely found. 

Teamed with dark brown, I have great plans for the ochre.  Lovely autumnal corsages I think! :o)
Last up this morning, and slightly off topic, so to speak, I have some beautiful vintage images  to share with you. 

Following my last post about the Good Needlework magazines from the 1930's that Mr Y had picked up, I was asked by the very stylish blogger over at A Cat Among the Pigeons, whether I could share some more images from them.  Obviously there are plenty of amazing pictures to chose from but I'm sure you can only stand to look through so many before you get bored so I have picked just a few of my favourites - I hope you like them :o)

Pretty bows!

The cravat is on my to knit list! 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend :o)


  1. I think I need to start practising my knitting again, because I see all of these lovely patterns and garments that you keep creating and I am so jealous that I am unable to knit a pattern yet!
    Love Lil x

  2. Those pictures are just gorgeous and the women look so elegant!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Wow this is pure delight! Thanks for giving in to my plea :)

  4. Hi !! :)
    I have a question.. How do we call this kind of top on the picture number 5 ?? I'm looking for patterns in order to create one of them but I don't know the name of these tops so I can't find pictures on the internet !


    1. Hello Rita,
      If you mean the lady in blue with the red thing round her neck, the pattern I have calls it a cravat. Hope that helps on your quest :o)
      Best wishes

  5. The images are beautiful! The dresses remind me of one from a 1930's Butterick pattern that was reprinted in the late 1980's - an elegant, fluted, gored skirt with a blouse that had a capelet attached under the collar. I have a copy somewhere.

    I am envious of your pattern collection. So many beautiful patterns and so little time to knit them....

    1. Thank you. I love some of the pattern re-prints because the sizing is better and the instructions too! Sometimes the vintage ones are somewhat lacking in clear detail :o)
      I would, one day, very, very far away, love to see most of my patterns knitted up. I like that they still get use over 70 years on.

  6. I don't think it would be possible to get bored with any of these images! I literally could page through these for days! (I say "literally" because that is what I've been doing for the last week!) Do you think you'd ever post the jumper pattern with the pretty bows? Or the cravat and gloves? I adore your blog! It makes me simply giddy with ideas! Thank you!