Monday, 14 January 2013

Pretty Nostalgic Magazine

I hope you are keeping warm on this rather chilly evening.  It's currently snowing here.  Nothing much, just a few flakes fluttering from the sky, but I know two little people who have gone up to bed hoping that they'll be greeted by a blanket of white come the morning! 

Just a quick post this evening about the rather lovely Pretty Nostalgic magazine.

I didn't know about this bi-monthly magazine until I read this post on Landgirl1980s blog.  I was sold by the front cover alone and wasted no time in subscribing.  Yes, it's not the cheapest magazine out there at £8.00 an issue, but by subscribing, you save a massive 25% with the added bonus that your copy is guaranteed and your postie gets to do the leg work so you don't have to take a trip to the newsagents on a cold winters day!  

Every page is a veritable feast for vintage loving eyes.  The articles are varied and photographs plentiful.  Places to visit, things to do, interiors to marvel at - so much packed into the one place with achievable ideas for the "real" person.

This magazine will be gracing my bookshelf for years to come, to be referred back to time and time again; a source of inspiration.  Definitely not one for the recycling bin.

Anyway, a few weeks back, I was having a little nosey on Facebook, as you do, and saw a request from the lovely people at Pretty Nostalgic magazine for collectors of jewellery to get in touch.  Never one to miss a possible opportunity to inflict my brooches on the unsuspecting public, I sent in some snaps of my wartime brooches and was rather pleased to hear back that one of my brooches would be pictured in the next issue. 
I eagerly waited for the magazine to drop on the mat and was beyond happy with the brooch that had been selected.  I love all of my brooches but some, given by special people, are more special than others and in this case, the brooch that made it into print was the one my little lovelies gave me for Mother's Day last year.  Big smiles all round :o)

The article, written by Natalie Leon, whose website can be found here, was a delight to read and was accompanied by photographs, taken by this photographer, of plenty of rather pretty pieces, including some brooches, bracelets and the like from 5 other readers. 

If you haven't heard of Pretty Nostalgic magazine, why not pop over to their website and take a look at what they do?

Oh, and if the magazine leaves you wanting more, there is a splendid book, bearing the same name, that I managed to pick up in my local WHSmiths store at the weekend.  Like the magazine, it's simply divine.  Text interspersed with cleverly selected vintage images, mixed with new, make for a relaxing read, a book to be dipped into every now and again!

The ethos of the magazine is "Spend Wisely - Waste Less - Appreciate More" - rather lovely, don't you think :o)


  1. I love this magazine and am a subscriber too. There's been a little blip with my issue this month but they have been really helpful and quick to respond and hopefully my Issue 5 will arrive today :)

  2. This looks great, I'm definitely going to check it out! Such a coincidence because I heard about it last week too! Have you heard of a Vintage Life mag? I've done a post on it called 'My 100th post' so you can read all about it there. XxxX

    1. I saw your piece in the magazine - well done. One of my jumpers was pictured in the same issue :-)

  3. I bought the first issue of the magazine but it is just so expensive! I subscribe to quite a few so couldn't justify another! x

  4. I brought the first issue too but like Jenny it's so expensive I couldn't justify it :( Good to see your lovely brooch in print x

  5. LOVE THE BLOG. I really like the turban. hx

  6. Love your blog and found it via PN magazine, isn't it just fab! Lizzie