Thursday, 31 January 2013

That Time Already?

Crikey!  The last day of the month already, how can that be?  I don’t know about you but Christmas seems but a distant memory, which is ridiculous really when in truth it was only 30 something days ago.  How time flies hey?

I wanted to squeeze in another post before we hit the month of love and I've managed it, just!

Weather wise, what a difference a week makes.  Although it’s still somewhat nippy, the illusive sun has made an appearance and we’ve been blessed with bright blue skies, for now!  With the sunlight streaming in at the windows, a renewed “sorting” enthusiasm has been found – not sure how long it’ll last so best make the most of it! 

With M’s room still out of action and due to be re plastered (deep joy!) upstairs is more than a little chaotic; more than normal that is.  In an attempt to bring some organisation to the chaos, I started, and more impressively finished, sorting through my giant laundry bag of DK wool. 

Fit to burst, the bag contained over 50 balls of Stylecraft DK wool.  When I first took up knitting, DK was all I worked with.  I found the chunkier wool easier to control and certainly more forgiving.  Over time, the various odd balls of wool, left over from previous projects, got stashed in the bag, the number going up, never down. 

Success was had yesterday though and the single balls are now destined to become turbans and I’ve matched up enough colours for 5 more jumpers – stash busting at it’s best (providing I actually complete what’s been put aside!). 

On a ruthless note, I also threw 3 half finished jumpers into the bin!  I know, I know, a total waste of wool and money but I can justify it, honestly.    

A number of years ago, 4 I think, I made a start on a 1940’s jumper that had to be so heavily customised that it bore no resemblance to the original pattern.  It was a heavy, horrible, hateful, disgusting affair (am I successfully conveying my loathing of the garment??) and although front and two sleeves were done, the back was never completed.  Promising myself I’d one day deal with it, I bagged it and shoved it in the airing cupboard, as you do. 

Jumper two was one I started with the vague hope of using up some of the giant stack of terracotta wool that was left over from the aforementioned jumper.  This jumper was knitted entirely on 11’s and was knitted sideways, i.e. starting at the underarm and working across the body of the jumper which means a lot of increasing and the like.  It proved unappealing to knit and such thick wool on such small needles was a no go so, into the airing cupboard it went :o) 

The third and final jumper reached completion, save for the sewing up of an underarm sleeve seam, but it too had to go.  It was an amalgamation of a couple of jumpers and in all honesty, it didn’t work, it was a disaster! 

I know the thrifty Miss in me would have painstakingly unravelled the pieces and reworked the wool.  To be fair, I fully intended to do so but other projects got in the way and there comes a time, which for me was yesterday, where such cluttering projects have to be disposed of.  I hope I’m not alone in that :o)

More buying now!  It must seem that I'm forever adding to my collection, which is a little bit true but I find the sourcing of patterns often runs in a famine/feast cycle and at the moment eBay is a veritable feast of fabulous patterns, most noteably Stitchcraft!

On Monday, I became the new owner of this rather tatty vintage affair.

Don’t be fooled by the battered exterior because, as the title discloses, this weary looking binder contains some amazing Stitchcraft magazines.  The collection has 12 issues, all alternate numbers, which is a little odd, I know, covering 1935 and 1936!  Before being bound, the magazines have been slightly trimmed but you can only tell this from the front covers, all of which are present.

Although I favour the ‘40s from a fashion perspective, I could easily find myself being sucked into the pastel shades of the oh so elegant 30’s – pretty woollies don’t you think??

I also treated myself to 4 yards of original 1940’s crepe fabric ready to be made into a dress, hopefully for this summer, if I get round to it :o)

Knitting wise, I’ve finished my first jumper of 2013!!  It’s the late 1930’s one in rosehip, black, grey and plum that I gave you a sneaky peak of last week.  It’s all sewn up with 2 little 1940’s buttons on the collar – so sweet – but I will have to wait until next week to show it to you because Doris the dummy spent the winter at my mums and is still there. 

I'm working with black at the moment for a little jumper featuring some Scotties on the yoke.  Black isn’t the kindest on the eyes, especially as it’s k2 p2 rib all the way up to the yoke and so to relieve the boredom and give my strained peepers a break, I’ve been indulging in a little felt frenzy – not that it takes much persuasion.  Felt flowers have been the order of the day.

They’ll be turned into yet more corsages in preparation for the rapidly approaching first fair of the year.  Can’t beat a bit of mustard!

To end with, a little clip, courtesy of YouTube, featuring the late, great Andrews Sisters.


  1. But frogging is the most fun! You just pull and pull and pull and pull and can get rid of lots of aggression that way! To be fair, I mostly frog Goodwill-bought sweaters as opposed to half completed me-made sweaters, but I think the same premise would apply.

    If it was real wool, I weep for you. If it was acrylic, you're probably better off. :-P

    But congrats on actually sorting through your cupboard! I never seem to get around to it...

    1. Gosh I'm ignorant! I never knew ripping back was called frogging, thank you. It was only Stylecraft DK, bought when it was just £1.10 a ball in my local wool shop. If it had been wool I would have reworked it for sure :-)

  2. Hi Lucy,
    Oooh the covers of those mags are delightful, I really like the way there is the little panel of needlework along the edge. Great fabric too, I look forward to seeing what you make with that. Very rainy here today, another excuse to stay in and sew!
    Hen x

    1. Hi Hen,
      They are lovely. The design changed in the late 1930's and the did away with the panel, such a shame. I can't wait to set to work on the fabric, although probably not until the spring. Today the weather has changed and it's raining steadily. An indoor day for sure ;-)
      Have fun sewing!
      Lucy x

  3. Am lovely the fabric - my colourways entirely :)

    Sounds like the sunshine makes everyone start sorting - I've been having a good clear out this week :)

    1. The fabric is so lovely, just got to find the right pattern to go with it now :-)
      Funny how the weather can have such an effect. Unlike yesterday, it's pouring here now. Definitely a day for staying in the warm :-)

  4. Beautiful fabric, and the magazines you lucky thing!
    I have a 1940's jumper started and I doubt I will finish it, perhaps I will one day just watch this space as they say! If it hasn't been finished by the end of the year then it will disposed of quietly!
    Julie xxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Those Stitchcraft covers are gorgeous. I'm intrigued by the Scottie jumper :-) Having a good old clear out can make you feel so much better and if those jumpers weren't working best to get rid of them and make space for something else.

  6. All is forgiven- sometimes you just have to get those ancient projects out of your sight! I went through a box of five year old sewing UFOs a couple of weeks ago (needed the box for wool storage) and basically threw the lot in a bin bag. I think I saved one project from it. Everything else was either bad fit or bad fabric choice from my early slapdash sewing days and just not worth the effort, even if it was expensive in the first place. I now have the relief of not falling over bags of wool littering the bedroom floor, and the unfinished failures aren't sitting there gloating any more!

  7. I have far too much wool/yarn. Maybe I need a clear out! Looking forward to seeing the scottie jumper :) x

  8. Wow awesome clearout! I organised all my mums wool a while ago and she has so much, need to go down and pinch some to help her get rid I think... ;)