Sunday, 3 February 2013

1930's P&B jumper - the first of 2013!

Hope this fine Sunday finds you well.

A jumper to share with you this evening, my first completed one of 2013, although there are a couple more hot on it’s heels!

This time, a chunky woolly, perfect for the chill that has returned.  I wanted something simple to knit, you know, the stuff you can do on auto pilot when you're tired and lacking in brain power.  I opted for DK this time because, although I know 4 ply gives a more authentic ‘40s look, DK knit grows at a greater rate and sometimes, you just need that sort of satisfaction. 

From my Stylecraft stash, I picked a lovely shade called grape and selected stripes of black, graphite and plum.  Nice combination I think.

The pattern, although undated, is from the 1930’s and is by P&B.  I love the style of the jumper with it's full sleeves and deep welt.  I love the pattern so much that this is the 4th time I've knitted it! :o)

If you haven't worked with a vintage P&B pattern before, I would recommend them.  They are some of the nicest to follow and the instructions and clearly written.  This one has the added bonus that it instructs you to knit the first and last stitch on every so you end up with a defined line of stitches for sewing the jumper together.  I hope you like it.

I love the double button closure at the top and think it finishes the jumper off a treat.  I would have liked them to have been bigger, more of a statement, but I couldn't find any black 1930's ones which were suitable and so ended up using some genuine 1940's buttons instead.  Still perfectly serviceable though :o) 

Slightly off topic but on the vintage front, we managed half a stock take yesterday.  As time consuming as it was, I thoroughly enjoyed perusing the rails of authentic 1940's frocks!  We also had a rummage in the hats and have picked out a few that will be for sale on our Facebook page in the next couple of days so do pop on over and take a look HERE :o)


  1. Just gorgeous as usual. I do love your jumpers - I guess they remind me of pictures of my Grandma when she was much younger :)

  2. What a lovely jumper, reaally stylish. Would you consider scanning the pattern and offering it for sale on your Facebook page? Thank you :-)

  3. Oooo, how I love this jumper!!! Those puffed sleeves I really would like to knit for myself. Is there a chance on putting the pattern on your blog? Or maybe buying a PDF-file of it from you? I can imagine it in a few shades of green.... Definately want to knit more green jumpers since (2 months)I follow your blog! Thanks for the inspiration! Love, GonnieMarie

  4. Beautiful job! Do you make any of these to sell?

  5. Really lovely!! And as Emily of Vintagevisions27 has asked, do you make any to sell?

  6. You certainly have some stunners for sale on that Facebook page. Love the straw hat! Lizzie

  7. Where can I find this pattern?