Monday, 2 December 2013

Knit For Victory Update

So, folks, it’s official.  December is here and the advent countdown has begun! 

The girls are thoroughly engrossed in their work on Victorian Christmases, so I’m snatching a few minutes “me time” to sit down, un-harassed, and write a post!

We are slowly getting into the festive mood here.  Yesterday we bought our tree, although it will be a couple of weeks, if I get my way, before it goes up, and there are cinnamon orange slices drying in the oven ready to be made into some kind of decoration.  With such a beautiful aroma engulfing the house, it’s near impossible not to feel just a little bit festive :o)

The countdown to the big day brings with it a growing sense of pressure and worry that the planned homemade Christmas gifts may not be ready in time.  I fear I may have added a few too many knitted items onto said gift list; at the rate I’m going, I’ll be knitting right up until the last minute on Christmas Eve! 
So, how far have I got with my Knit For Victory projects?  Well, one of them, the easiest and simplest of all the patterns, the mammoth scarf I have been knitting for my dad, is complete!  All 150g of the wool, save for the tiniest of scraps, was used, and the finished article ended up at a snugglesome 50”; exactly the length called for in the pattern!  I feel sure that he will love it, because it will complete his vintage winter look perfectly!

Sticking with my dad, I’ve also made some headway with his birthday sweater.  I’ve finally decided on a pattern, a late 1930’s/early 1940’s Bairns-Wear one, which needs no adjustment at all as it’s already in his size – always a plus point! 

For wool, I raided the stash and was lucky enough to find some vintage pure wool skeins in just the right ply.  One of them, the brown, is an original Patons Beehive skein with the shop tag still attached.  The others all come from vintage jumpers that have been unwound, very much in keeping with the Make Do and Mend attitude, and placed into skeins, ready to be reworked into something new.  Sadly, there wasn’t enough of any neutral shade for a base, so new wool had to be sought.  Ordinarily, I would never advise mixing brands of wool because ply’s and quality vary greatly.  However, after much searching and comparison, I opted for Adriafil Azzurra, an Italian yarn, which is 70% wool, 30% acrylic. 
It’s a beautiful quality yarn which matches the other shades, in thickness, perfectly.  I can’t wait to make a start on it, but as it isn’t needed until nearly the end of February, I’m going to be sensible and get cracking on the more pressing projects.

C’s Snow White outfit is a total pain to work on!  Despite accurate measuring, the first attempt just didn’t work out big enough so had to be ripped back and started again, this time on a bigger needle size.  Even when worked in the larger size, it’s still a little clipped, so I’m going to go up yet another needle size when I tackle the hood and cape this evening.  It needs pressing, again, the ends sewn in, a ribbon belt and fasteners sewn to the back, but that will take but minutes.

Excitingly, M’s has just been cast on!  I really struggled to find a pattern for a baby boy doll, let alone one in the right size, but just as I thought I’d have to give it up as a bad job, my wonderful mum stepped in and saved the day!  Rifling through her own pattern collection (I blame her for my knitting obsession), she found the most perfect Bestway pattern that I know M will adore.  I’m not going to be able to do all the sundry items, so will instead be focussing on the helmet, coat and leggings, all to be worked  be worked in Stylecraft 4 ply Aster.

The wool delivery for the girls’ berets arrived last week and the colours are just so perfect for each of them.  M is having the apple green and Boysenberry, C, the Ruby and Navy, which is frustratingly on back order for a little while!
The pattern I’ve chosen for them is one for an adult, so it will need a bit of adjusting, but it’s a nice, and more importantly, simple pattern, which can be cracked out in 2 evenings. 

The tea cosy remains untouched, wool unchosen, and potentially will be scrapped from the list altogether :o)
If any of you are joining it too, I’d love to know how you are getting along with your projects.



  1. Looks like you have been busy - wonderful knitting.
    Julie xxxxx

  2. Julie Goltermann2 December 2013 at 18:21

    I am new to your blog, and am enjoying it very much. Please, what are the colorful objects lined up along the back of the scarf photo?

  3. You've been busy!!! I have a touch of the green eyed monster…. I want the red yarn holder!!! I haven't even started my project yet :( Having said I'm giving up selling I've been so busy!!! Sod's law. Just 2 hats & a snow dog to make then I'm starting xx

  4. I'm also new to your blog. Do you ever post some of the vintage patterns you use? The doll clothes are quite fun!