Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Free Knitting Pattern - 1940's Twinset in a large size - Bestway 1980

A twinset today, suitable for a 44" bust.

Click HERE for the pattern.


  1. thankyou its a lovely pattern ...just one problem the last line of the 2nd page isn't visible on the pdf download :/...just looked on the pics it is missing ...can you rectify this ???hopefully ...

    1. Hi, I'm pleased you like the pattern. I've checked, and the second page of the pattern is there in full. Not sure what device you are viewing it on, but that might have something to do with why you can't see it all :-)

  2. 23Feb2014 - it does look like the directions are cut off - but I believe they continue on the 3rd page, left column:
    Shape the shoulder by casting off 13 sts. at the armhole edge of the next 3 ... [next page column:

    alternative rows and 14 sts. at the same edge of following alternate row. Continue straight in rib on the remaining 10 sts. for 2-1/2 ins. Leave the sts. on a safety pin for grating.

    If my understanding is wrong, please advise!!