Monday, 21 April 2014

Easter Holiday Fun

We’ve been enjoying a lazy couple of weeks here.  Its school holiday time, and we have certainly been making the most of it. 

Everything stops for the holidays.  Routines, like the 5.50am alarm, and set meal times go out of the window, and we relax into each and every day, mostly taking them as they come. 

The girls adore having their dad at home, and with the glorious weather we have been blessed with, we have made the most of the time. 

There have been lazy family breakfasts, and early morning strolls along the beach.  Picnics in the park, and staying out in the garden until the sun goes down, the nip in the air reminding us that it is still only Spring. 

Trips to trip to the zoo with wonderful family, and time spent with very special friends. 

We had the first BBQ of the year, watched movies, walked through the fields and took long drives through the countryside.

Trips to antique shops turned up vintage treasures, and more pretty patterns found their way into my collection.

And the best bit for me?  Well, I got my husband back to myself for a while.  No planning or marking, no assessments or reports.  We talked of weekends away and made plans for the summer.  Booked tickets for trips with the girls, and watched films together while eating chocolate.  Read books, listened to music, took time out, all the simple things that we just don’t have time for during term time.

With my Mr here to lend a helping hand, I got time to knit and sew, and have so many posts to write up about jumpers and dresses.  I could have written up posts while he was home, could have spent my time writing and editing, clipping and pasting, but I didn’t.  These last two weeks have been about taking time, being a family, and having fun. 

Normal service will be resumed this coming week, but it has been a time for plenty of cuddles and snuggles and lots of laughter and smiles.  I love the holiday’s, and I hope you enjoy looking at the photographs :o) xx

Stunning 1930's hat with rust leather trim. 

1940's crepe day dress - oh so pretty.
1940's blue velvet evening dress.
Cheeky leopards at the zoo!!

Seeing what they can find.
Easter isn't Easter without a simnel cake.  Should have taken the baking paper off though!

These were tasty.
All completed these past two weeks :o) 


  1. Sounds like you have had a lovely couple of weeks, full of perfect holiday things. Lots of amazing crafting going on!

  2. I use to love the school holidays, the children were back to being my children and not anyone else's. Looks like you had absolute fun.
    Those cakes look yummy. Love the things you have made. I must get back to knitting vintage.
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  3. That day dress is beautiful, you've completed more in two weeks than I have so far this year, that doesn't sound much like taking it easy!

  4. Sounds like the perfect family holiday :) x

  5. Wow, you have been really prolific! All the things you've made are lovely, but I like the jumper with the bow at the throat especially.