Sunday, 8 February 2015

Sirdar 1140 - 1940s Striped Jumper

Mr Y has been a star this morning, and has taken the girls off for an early morning swim.  We walked them through the streets of Cambridge for hours yesterday, and they were weary little lovelies when we got home, but a restorative sleep meant they were raring to go this morning, ready and out of the door by 7am!  It's another chilly day out there, and snuggled up indoors with the heating on, I think I'm in the better place!  

It’s another woolly post today, a quick knit that took just 12 days to complete.  I’m sure it’ll come as no surprise that the pattern is from the 1940’s, this time a Sirdar pattern, from the middle or era.

I always have an easy knit on the go to stop my hands being idle when we’re travelling, or while the girls are working.  It’s surprising how quickly a jumper can come together when you do a few rows here, a few rows there.  I didn’t time how many hours this one took, but I started it on the 21st January, and put it on the dummy on the 2nd February, so not bad going.

The pattern is feather and fan, a popular pattern throughout the 1940’s, and still popular now.  The design is worked on a 4 row pattern repeat.  Three rows are stocking stitch, the fourth is the pattern row and it’s this easy pattern row that gives the design the wavy effect.  

I've knitted it before; I've actually knitted it a couple of times but changed the sleeve design and stripe order.  It’s a great pattern for using up those oddments of wool, and if you’re a fan of Goodnight Sweetheart, you may have noticed that Phoebe wore a similar jumper in a real rainbow of colours, which she teamed with a green skirt. Although the pattern shows a very definite stripe pattern, you could, if you wanted to, work in more colours or varying stripe thickness, to create a different look.  

The wool I used was Adriafil Azzurra, which is fast becoming a favourite of mine.  The main body of the jumper has been worked in brick red, with emerald green, dark brown and yellow stripes.  

Worked as per the pattern, the jumper was meant to come out at a 35” bust, but although my tension was spot on for the sleeves, the finished woolly ended up being for a 40”/42” bust.  It would be easy enough make it smaller by going down a needle size, it would also be possible to recalculate the actual number of stitches, but as there is a 12 stitch pattern repeat, it would take some very careful calculations.  

For the first time ever, I used a circular needle.  I thought it might speed up the knitting, but it actually slowed me down.  I'm a tight knitter, so struggled with the stitches getting caught where the wire met the needle.  Making the jumper up was quicker; fewer fiddly colours to run in and no joins, but I’m happier working on the traditional 2 needles.

I really love how this jumper knits up, and the colour possibilities really are endless.  It has already found a new home with a vintage loving lady, and I’ve just dug out the version I started back in 2013, worked in heather, grey, cream and mint, so will be completing that before moving onto the next pattern, well, maybe ;-) x

There were no quirks in the pattern, it knitted up exactly as it should have done, and came together well.  There is no neck opening on this one, but you could easily leave the left shoulder part open and add a couple of buttons and crocheted button loops.  The pattern is for sale in my Etsy shop, which you can find here.

Wool - Adriafil Azzurra
Weight used - 130g brick red, 64g emerald green, 24g dark brown, 17g yellow
Time taken - 12 days
Size - 40”-42” bust


  1. The jumper is absolutely beautiful.
    Its wonderful when the day starts early. I'm a morning person so I prefer to start early and then settle down in the afternoons
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  2. Not surprised it's gone already, it's so beautifully knitted, just can't believe it took you only 12 days, hell it would have taken me ages and I wouldn't have been able to listen to the radio and follow the pattern at the same time, it does look stunning in that colour way.

  3. What a fabulous jumper - well done. I to truly hate knitting on circular needles. Maybe it's something to do with the fact that I also knit tightly and hit the same problems that you do. My sister however loves them and knits on nothing but circular needles. I made a couple of projects for Xmas that had to be knitted on circular needles and I really struggled but succeeded in the end. I love your blog and can't wait to see what you make next.

  4. Love this, and it's one I'd like to knit! I'm curious if you are a tight knitter why it would come out bigger?

  5. Beautiful! I cannot believe how quick you could knit it. Fabulous :-)

    Beta xx

  6. The jumper is wonderful, you knit so fast, it is lovely.
    Thank you so much for replying to my email, I will email back tomorrow. We have been out to a museum today & now it is teatime.
    Fondly Michelle

  7. I can't believe you knitted it in 12 days!! I love it, I really want to make one for myself this year...... if I ever get the time!! I was thinking of knitting more jumpers on a circular needle but like you I knit tight so I have the same problem but I'm sure it must be quicker & would save the horrible job of sewing up! xx

  8. That really is a quick knit! A feather and fan design is definitely on my to do list, it is so pretty.

  9. Hello I have just been looking for some new logs to watch and stumbled across yours , OHH how i wish i could knit like you , The jumper is fabulous . I am looking forward to looking back over your log in the next few days xxx

  10. beautiful colours, this looks amazing!

  11. Oh my gosh. I am totally inspired. Beautiful work.